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Although still it is causing discrepancy in the fashion world, the man's shoulder has become a common garment in male estilismos.

Every day is a little more common to see men with shoulder strap without doubt constitute a magnificent complement moda. (Also supplement, help). De hecho, There are a variety of models on the market for all tastes and needs.

If you are still those who doubt their use, you can not find the advantages or you do not know why you should take, in this article we give 5 reasons for carrying strap can fix your look, Or even your day!

Comfort to

Bandoliers carry supposed to forget carry items in your hand or having to carry them in his pockets or jacket - with the consequent Stylistic horror noticing the marks and bumps in areas where that is. Además, on this last case, It is not just for aesthetics, But the garments are deformed by the weight of things that load!

If you choose the right shoulder man, both the keys and wallet, cell phone, headphones or any other object of your day may be transported in comfort. Included laptop or tablet! Simply hang it shoulder or cross your body and you forget that you carry. In my case, por ejemplo, I can not leave without glasses Sun, It is a great relief to have room to carry no strange bumps on my body.

We are independent man!

Until the advent, hard, de la shoulder bag man we had to resort to briefcases or backpacks to carry their daily belongings. Or worse - and male - to female companions!

In many cases women who were in their bags all they needed their "partners" and companions were, And always had to be meeting their needs taking and keeping what the man needed! We are in the XXI century, Already you can take care of your belongings by yourself!

Good organization top

It is also essential shoulder bag man for his good organization. This plug-in is provided with different compartments and individual holes to be able organize everything you carry with you and have it always at hand

Por ejemplo, These bags usually wear outer man apart for you to put mobile phone, keys or whatever you need to hand it out quickly. But be careful with foreign friends!

It can be a fashionista touch

Por otra parte, There is no doubt that bandoliers are setting trends and style. Many fashion designers who accompany their creations with this add-in parades. And these, as usual, the object passes into the street so it is no longer strange to see them walking around your city. Además, depends on the model you choose can show even be the latest fashion. Así, you will reinforce your individual and unique image whether you like to have a retro feel as if you prefer a edgy look.

shoulder bag man

There is a model for everyone

I think it's something that falls under its own weight but sometimes we forget: there is a shoulder bag for every taste and style. The wide variety of models that exist of this add, it will permit you, igualmente, pick the one that best suits your own style.

You have them aged leather or leather, If you prefer a more sophisticated and elegant image. But also polyester or plastic if you do not want to spend so much money. They come in dark tones and more cheerful colors and fun, even some are printed with different motifs. Pero, in any case, you all will be equally useful and comfortable. So not worth the excuse that you do not find your bag man! That's just a matter of keeping an eye!

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