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At a time where recycling and environmental awareness is essential, Gillette Launches Razor Recycling Program with free courier service for all households in Spain.

We live in a world where the 80% what we throw away can technically be recycled. That's why it comes to mind, Can razors be recycled? Knowing how incredibly confusing home recycling can be, especially with regard to personal care products, Gillette y Venus, Group P shaving and waxing brands&G, they have just announced a razor recycling program in Spain.

reciclar maquinillas de afeitar

The initiative, which aims to bring recycling to all Spanish homes, makes a free messaging service available to users. Each user can recycle all your machines to shave disposable, rechargeable and refills (regardless of your trademark) sending them free of charge through envelopes that Gillette makes available to all citizens in their Web page.

Además, Gillette will deploy containers in different public points so that anyone can deposit their machines and spare parts used to recycle razors, also giving the possibility that any entity (school, sanitary, library, Commerce, etc.) are encouraged to establish your own collection point in a place accessible to the public.

What will happen to those razors?

To carry out the recycling program, have teamed up with TerraCycle, a global innovator in hard-to-recycle waste. Once the razors are collected, materials will be cleaned and separated: metal is cast into ingots for reuse, and plastic is turned into granules that are re-molded to create new, everyday products, useful for our society.

Shifting towards sustainability is no longer an option, it is a reality that, both Institutions and companies, like people, we must carry out together”.

Nuno Constant, Senior Director of the Shaving Category at P&G Spain

Amanda Ballad, Director of Business Development for TerraCycle in Spain, stresses the importance of promoting this type of programs linked to the circular economy: “From TerraCycle we are very pleased to collaborate with Gillette in this program that will prevent waste from ending up in landfills or incinerated and transform it into new products for daily use”.

This initiative to recycle razors is one of the 21 projects that P&G Spain is carrying out in 2021 to generate a positive impact through your Lead with Love campaign, with which the company will further accelerate the scope and impact of its efforts to protect our planet, Our home, in the present and for generations to come.

The importance of education in recycling

A recent study * carried out by Gillette reveals that Spaniards behave more and more sustainably. Así, el 66% claims to recycle more now than five years ago. No obstante, while the 60% of the adult population use different containers at home (organic, packaging, paperboard, glass…), only the 41% Go to the Clean Point or specialized recycling centers to deposit other types of waste.

When it comes to personal care, consumers try to make more sustainable choices, either buying products that last longer (32%), recycling all or most of the bathroom containers (60%) o reusing these containers (23%).

reciclar maquinillas de afeitar

While recycling figures have improved in Spain, there is still a long way to go. El 70% of consumers would be more willing to buy sustainable products if they knew their impact on the environment, and calls for more education on how to properly recycle your toiletries. In this sense, it is important to know that Gillette reusable machines (How to Fusion the MACH3) provide up to a month of close shaving and their handles, if they are well cared for they can last up to 5 años, which means a reduction in waste from 80%*.

These data demonstrate the work that brands have ahead to raise awareness about the recycling processes of their products and the impact they have. This example of recycling razors is one more step towards that end..