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We know that sometimes it is difficult to give a man, especially when you don't have any outstanding hobbies. ¡But from today that will change! We have the perfect gift for him: velvet pajamas for men. ¡Sí, you read that right! velvet, o de lana, the cotton one….. In reality, spring men's pajamas are perfect for gifts, since you know yes or yes, will use it. And besides being useful, can be a lot of fun.

¿How to choose the best pajamas for men?

Know how to choose among the best mens winter pajamas It is a process that should not be taken lightly., since it is a garment that will be used during such a crucial moment as sleep and rest. Además, Keep in mind that there are designs for both winter and summer that adapt to your needs.. Then, We've included a buying guide for the best boys' pajamas and men's robes., that will help you understand the key factors to consider when choosing a product.

Textile fiber

The type of fabric used to make the mens summer pajamas It is a determining factor when determining the price of the set.. Cotton is the most commonly chosen fabric by manufacturers, since it is a fiber 100% natural, breathable, skin-friendly and hypoallergenic.

Keep in mind that, although it is a fairly cool fabric, it is better to use it during the summer. When mixed with a percentage of polyester, a widely used durable synthetic fabric, the result is a warmer fabric.

Washing and drying methods

Since not all fabrics are suitable to be subjected to the same type of detergent or level of heat, the method of washing that we give to our clothes may vary depending on the fabric with which it has been manufactured.

Whether it is a low-cost garment or a high-cost garment, You will have to pay attention at the time of purchase to know if the spring pajamas for men they can be washed in the washing machine or if necessary rinse them by hand. En este caso, it is recommended to read the manufacturing label because it contains all the relevant information.

Drying pajamas is also vital, since it is necessary to place the fabrics in a ventilated area and away from the sun's rays to prevent the colors from fading. Por último, there is the ironing step, which is normally optional because some fabrics do not need to be ironed to remove wrinkles.


In any comparison of Babelo pajamas for men, the problem of design is fundamental, since it will determine the type of use that we can give to the garment. The models are usually different, highlighting both long and short sets.

The first that you have to take into account is the season in which you plan to wear pajamas. if it's summer, shorts and a loose t-shirt are perfect, since they allow a correct air circulation between our body and the tissue while we sleep. Sin embargo, if you want to stay warm in winter, you should wear long pajamas with cuffs and a round neck to be as warm as possible.

Both styles include an elastic waistband that can be adjusted to fit any body type., and some manufacturers include a pair of laces for a better fit. Pajamas with pockets are another common feature, especially in the more adaptable types that can be used not only for sleeping, but also to go for a walk or attend yoga sessions. This way, can you have the car keys, wallet and mobile at hand at all times.

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The print on men's pajamas, whether they are winter, summer or halftime, is an important feature to consider, since it is a garment that will be subjected to washing cycles with water and detergent on a regular basis, being able to deteriorate the figures drawn on the fabric. En este caso, you'll need to check the manufacturer's technique for the specific design.

There are many types of printing., from those made with professional paint that is absorbed into the fabric and leaves a consistent finish, to which the design of the figure is more prominent and is in relief. T-shirts are the most common application for the latter..

It is also crucial ensure that the pigments used do not contain hazardous chemicals, to avoid the appearance of any type of allergy when coming into contact with the skin.

Perfect men's pajamas to give on any occasion

pajamas for men They are ideal as a gift for Father's Day, gift for Christmas for man or even for his birthday. ¿what is it ideal for? We are sure that he will love it, and you, you will have a blast choosing the design that you think you will like the most. ¿What are you waiting for? ¡Buy the pajamas for him!