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Because we are tired of giving to him or her, give away without gender! Because illusion and surprise don't have sex…

When it comes to receiving a gift, it doesn't matter if you have a penis or a vagina, since all of us are equally excited. Until now, When thinking about what we can give a person we always choose to think about their gender ... it is a simple resource and above all how. But I'm tired of seeing gift lists for boys or girls (and its subsequent subcategories: fashionistas, classical, deportistas, modernos, hipsters, rockers,,,) and I wanted to do an item with agender gifts suitable for everyone and that will surely bring out a smile.

Although it is easier for us to think of "gifts for women" or "gifts for men", the truth is that it is increasingly common and above all more necessary, find options for both without falling into the topics associated with their sex. It is very curious that something SO BASIC AND ESSENTIAL like “for everyone, no matter how you are ”, become a trend rather than a standard. The agender concept (es decir, no definite sex) It is a word that will mark this 21st century as it is increasingly essential in moda, beauty or social movements.

regalos agender

In this article I was already reflecting on whether Is it so difficult to make a good gift? and gave some general options and ideas for finding gifts; and this time, the options are expanded and we are going to concrete examples, forgetting what is inside the pants.

Messages to power: Literature is for everyone, there is no excuse with that. Besides the books, We can find from tablecloths to shirts with messages that can be perfect on the chest of friends. An example is Supper Funny Home messages. If instead of giving them the messages, you prefer that they be the ones to carry them out, an agenda or a book Notes are also objects that allow you to play with different designs and that will be used recurrently throughout the year.

Technology: A common denominator for an agenda gift is technology. Gadgets, Digital Frames, Speakers or even designer headphones (such as those of SudioSweden).

regalos agender sudio auriculares

House / kitchen stuff: The house is no longer a female only land and the kitchen is the playground for all. That is why their utensils can be great., from "nonsense" like message mugs or help items like a wall clock or a phosphor draining board! Anything goes when it comes to surprising!

Food Drink: The palate does not have sex either… Have you ever heard “this food is for girls”? Not at all! (And if you heard it, Recriminate him very strongly because the taste is public and agenda. So you can surprise with food or drink items. An example cuqui with drink is for example the MiniBox Bar, a selection of little bottles that everyone will like and share!

regalos agender mini box bar

Cosmetics: Vale, It may seem that we go into a garden with this theme; but backwards, It is increasingly standardized and there is cosmetics suitable for everyone. Especially if we rely on its ingredients and its essence; por ejemplo, more and more organic lovers are in luck, Green People Proposes ideas to give health and beauty for men and women.

Memories: Go to your favorite photos and offer them as a gift once printed. It does not matter if you are a wonder woman or a macho with chest hair! Everyone likes! Applications like Mimento they can help you and turn these agender gifts into true displays of affection.

regalos agender mimento

Experiencias: If the budget allows it, the option to buy a voucher for a weekend in a hotel or to do some type of activity is usually quite successful and it does not matter the gender of who receives it. In this way you give away either a experience or a few days of relaxation and rest. Let's say live a good experience, is one of the quintessential agender gifts.

Gift cards: In the other post I indicated it, and it is that a gift card is the simplest and most common alternative to make a gift without gender - and without a clear recipient. I was talking about the Gift Card Click&Gift (online, customizable and redeemable in more than 100 shop).

Whether it be to demonstrate that we don't care about the exterior, to value the person for his essence and not for his sexual attributes or even to find surprising and original options, think of these agenda gifts as something to keep in mind at any celebration. We hope we have helped you in your choice with the ideas that I just released.

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This is an editable post and I want it to keep growing! If you know other ideas or original gifts without gender (or a company or agency that wants to include their products) Write me to and the I include. Thanks.