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Giving gifts for seniors can be quite a challenge.. Discover here a series of ideas and keys to surprise and succeed with these surprises.

How complicated it is to start this post of Gifts for the elderly, since the concept of old age is as objective as watching time go by and as subjective as everything that individually involves becoming and feeling older: There are very old people who are kids or people who say on their ID that they have 20 but they are older than their grandparents…

That is why in this post we are not going to talk about years, but of those who appear as «seniors», no matter how old they are. ¿Are you looking for gift ideas for seniors?? These ideas are sure to surprise your loved ones and older friends..

gifts for seniors

«List» gifts for seniors

1. Gadgets

Sí, Perhaps an initial choice that surprises you but that undoubtedly fits with a generation that every day adapts more to new technologies and their use in their daily lives.. ¡And rarely do they dare themselves! That's why gadgets never fail as a gift. Today's seniors are just as tech-savvy as younger ones., so a good gadget is always welcome. Sin embargo, make sure you get a gadget that suits your needs, that is functional and reasonable and not too complicated to use: better practicality than wow effect.

2. Clothing

¿Who doesn't need new clothes? If you know well the person to whom you are going to give, then this is a great gift idea. Make sure you get the right size and style of clothing that she likes and wears. Here you can choose two ways: the continuist or the surprising. If you choose the first, make sure to replicate the style of clothing or patterns that you already know he likes and wears often., If you decide to bet on surprise and get out of your comfort zone a little, keep in mind that you can risk colors or slightly new shapes because if the jump is too radical it can generate the opposite effect., ¡rejection!

gifts for seniors

3. Zapatos

Shoes are a classic gift, but that doesn't stop them from being a great idea. Make sure you get a good quality, comfortable pair of shoes, ya que the elderly need shoes that are comfortable to wear and can be worn repeatedly, bet more on models for every day than for special occasions, they just try to make each day a little bit special and more comfortable.

4. Jewelry

Jewelry is a very special gift, especially if they are personalized or handmade. ¿simple or extravagant? Well, it depends on the person who receives it., eso sí, try that have some of «alma» o una «interesting story behind», gifts for seniors tend to have more value for what they mean or represent than for what they are worth, if the jewel is special, handmade, in a shape or color representative of your union with the giftee, that person will feel the surprise as more special.

5. Gift baskets or cards

Gift baskets are a great idea for anyone., but particularly for the elderly. You can find one already made or, ¡Even better! make a basket with products of your choice (and who says basket refers to any container that contains a variety of gifts) can be for example food, snacks, beverages or even with personal care products. Make sure you get a gift basket that is the right size for the person you are giving it to based on proximity. Furthermore, this mode of «several united gifts» It will allow you to mix safer ideas and others that are a little more surprising or crazy..

We can also use gift cards, they make a great gift idea for seniors, especially for those who are a little more fussy, since they allow them to buy what they really want or need.

6. event tickets

¿There is an event that the person you are giving the gift to really wants to see? ¿You know he'd love to go but he's hesitant? Entonces, ¿why not get the tickets and surprise them? Events can be concerts, theater plays, movies or even festivals….but the best thing is to be able to share those moments together, so the tickets, if possible, let them be two by two. And above all, make sure you get your tickets well in advance to avoid selling them out and to find the places that interest you the most..

7. Memberships and subscriptions

¿The person you are going to give it to likes to go to the gym or play tennis? ¿He is passionate about series or the movies? ¿Regularly buy a specific magazine? Entonces, ¿why not get a membership for her or him? Memberships are a great gift, ya que they allow the person you give them to to enjoy their favorite hobby or activity without worrying about price for a few months. Although here you can also surprise, The best thing in these cases is to analyze the behavior of the person a lot because this gift will accompany them for a long time, so it is better to bet on things that we are sure they like..

gifts for seniors

8. trips and experiences

¿Is there a special place that the person you are giving a gift to always wanted to visit?? Entonces, ¿why not organize a trip for her or him? Trips can be as long or as short as you like, but surely the person you give them to will appreciate the gesture. And if you don't see yourself with full courage to decide everything for yourself, you can use gift cards or elements that indicate that you are going to travel but without taking out the ticket directly.

Also included in this category are experiencias, that can adapt to the maximum to the personality, interest and disposition of the gifted and fit perfectly as gifts for seniors, who dare from jumping in a parachute to visiting a wine bar. You just have to choose something that the person you are going to give it to really enjoys.

9. Table games

Giving entertainment time is always a very good idea, that's why board games can be un a very good gift for the elderly and a great reason to get together with family or friends and exercise your wits. There is also something for all kinds of audiences and personalities., longer, shorter, faster or slower, to react quickly or create strategies… thinking that older people are not going to enjoy board games as much as young people is a big mistake.

10. Memories

It is perhaps one of the most «sencillo» but at the same time more difficult, Finding the perfect way to give souvenirs is essential to make it a gift for seniors who will always remember. Choose the content well (Photos, videos, stories) and the moment (birthday gift, of Christmas, anniversary….) It is essential for it to be a successful and effective gift.

¡We hope these gift ideas for the elderly have been helpful to you.! ¿Do you have any more ideas about gift For seniors? You can leave them in comments.