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A year celebrated the birthday of the blog of The Lord of the Yellow Glasses.

As time goes! ¿Verdad? A hot afternoon in July 2010 I decided to open this space, And here we are! 9 años después, with as many shots as data received bullets.

To commemorate this day early only thanked, then I organized some birthday parties overhand, celebrate seven years teaching Never seen! while the eighth anniversary was a time of deep reflection on what it means yellow glasses. Como veis, every year I wanted to be faithful to what I felt. Así que number nine for birthday he asks me relax the body is!

Así que,ccomoo curiosity want to tell Jennifer Lopez meets today 50 años. It will be the day divas 24! As she became a icon moda thanks to its Versace… Well today I'll get it too!
And although Taylor Swift and her song goes in another direction, me encanta la frase clave de su canción «You need to calm down!» y por supuesto su rollito que emulo a mi manera en este vídeo de Instagram. But I applied twice! explain the:

You have to relax, General internet.

I see a tension in users of blogs and social networks that seems very ugly. They have become spaces where the hateo is the order of the day, donde prima más el salseo que el «disfruteo«, where victimhood becomes the rule and where everything has a replica and zasca with the intention of getting easy like.

We must try to fight for our digital presence into something that contributes or fun, not to frustrate or harm to others and their circumstances.

You have to relax, Gafas Amarillas.

I also have to apply myself the story…. but otherwise. I have to try to take pressure myself – that at the end of the day I am the one I burden myself – and try to enjoy this. Last year we reflected on the data, statistics, collaborations and pressure be in a hyper-half. It is exhausted to want to be the coolest influencer, more handsome, more fun and more of everything.

Although I continue to fight for molar everything possible and more, I have to try to keep doing what I want and be able to to transmit, without much pressure, My passion for fashion, the lifestyle, los travel And everything that goes through the Gafas yellow!