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remedios navidad

Why not? This year Santa Claus has gone ahead and brought me great pharyngitis and otitis step. What more can you ask for? Hombre, since we will spend canutas, Why not a series of family dinners to also well dressed Bring good face and a bottle of wine?

My parents are, my sister and her husband and four children, brothers and my boy's aunt, Santa Claus (and the mother who gave birth)… And I'm sick and. What I can do? The first, prepare an authentic bag-kit that neither the new mother's hysterical can overcome: tissues, couldina, oral antibiotic and eardrops, labial repairer for the irritated area of ​​the mustache, serum in single-dose nasal spray and minty. The objective: to breathe during dinner. This has been my plan for this Christmas Eve. A kind of flu that still drag and drop hopefully soon.


Once prepared bag-kit ... have to think what to wear! You have bad body, clothing bothers, bra you jacking, You have the same cold heat death because you fever rises. With effort and a good layer, extended with art, Bobbie Brown makeup get to have good face. I think I feel better and I throw myself with red lips for the second time in my life. Mask for eyelashes, large and well spaced, defined. But what the hell I wear ..?

labios y bufanda

zapatillasThe full closet and nothing to wear, a whole classic. I finally decided: I put a shirt transparent, but nothing else to think about dinner and mona, I feel that froze me and hang two snot who tell me that it is better bundle up. Así que, on a black cardigan shirt and a red scarf that made me Puri, the friend of my mother. I narrow pants, negro, second skin, I can hardly move. I feel like Santa Claus send back to Lapland and put me in pajamas. On the floor, to the side of the bed ... there's the answer to my problems ...: ¡my Nike! With a thermal knee socks, hidden under pants, nothing to make a superman.

What more can you ask for? But you do not have to be sick to combine elegant clothes with sneakers, no. It's something that people have respect for him, but nothing like going at once elegant and edmoda. My boy was delighted with the idea and also I reinforced the illusion of his life from rapper.

(Speaking of tight pants ... the other day a friend made one of the best translations I've heard in my life. “I know what it means that on the labels of the H&M ponga SLIM FIT”, dijo, “You mean no cojones to move. I bought some very nice pants to stand”. But this, It is another story).

Por cierto, the downside of having to take antibiotics is that wine ... I even try!