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Many times we decided to become a tattoo in a moment of madness and over time we realize we do not like so much that picture or phrase that decided at the time. Is it possible to remove a tattoo?

There are many cases where a tattoo as an act of rebellion, to follow a moda, imitating a famous we like or an act of love with our partner. But time passes…. and may that fashion has passed, that famous that we liked so much has already passed into history or that couple it seemed like forever has not been.

Why we ask can you remove a tattoo? vale, the answer to this question is clearly yes, but is it possible without leaving traces on the skin? The answer to this other question is yes!

Remove the Clinic are pioneers in Tattoo removal Málaga by treatment employing technology Astanza. And you wonder what is that technology Astanza? For it is the leading laser technology worldwide, and it offers great results in removing tattoos.

So far they have gone out treatments to remove tattoos but they were very aggressive and could eventually produce even marks or skin damage, but technology advances and we can get Rid of that tattoo you do not like without a trace on the skin!

Saying that a tattoo is for life and grow old with him, It is a phrase that is already part of the past. But if you have not clearly the best choice is always a temporary tattoo that saves you having to take it off over time or not being satisfied / a with the result.

The decision also want to remove a tattoo it can come driven by the result. By becoming a tattoo on our mind was one thing but…. the result was totally different, we have put in the hands of a friend who is starting to tattoo and has not been quite right or the tattooist has misunderstood what we wanted. They can be many factors that lead us to decide to take off this tattoo is the best choice.

You can remove a tattoo color?

With the first techniques were to remove tattoos, Deleting a color tattoo was quite difficult or impossible but thanks to new technologies with laser technology have different length Wave of and what does this mean?

Each color absorbs a wavelength, to absorb it warms and breaks. For this, It is essential to have a laser emitting different wavelengths so as to eliminate any color tattoos as the technology used to Astanza remove tattoos in Malaga Remove the clinic Malaga.