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H&M intends to phase out the section outsize (H&M+) its stores and expand the sizes in all its collections.

We already know that the world of moda and the sizes have always been in conflict. We find brands that claim not to extend sizes, other than enlarged or reduced but certain (and characterless) products and others decided to create a brand / section only for outsize not mix in the same space (¡Hello Mango Violet!).

One of the best international brands I was doing in relation to the including large size and diversity in their products and communications, trying to normalize and integrate instead of segregating and oppress is H&M.

This morning (viernes 31 from January) It was published on a page Facebook llamada «Stop Gordofobia» The next message:

Espe want to share this question: «The next message, I do not know if you know that H&M (at the least Spain) He has withdrawn outsize section stores, leaving only the online sale. So fat do not give bad image in stores?»

Stop Gordofobia of post Friday , 31 from January de 2020.

This page has more than 78.000 followers we position ourselves against the gordofobia often touch on issues in which the treatment of outsize is flagrant and unjust. not only trendy cases, but hotels, travel, libros, publications, TV shows or advertising campaigns.

Ashley Graham for 'Studio' autumn / winter 2016/2017 de H&M

Ashley Graham para ‘Studio’ Autumn Winter 2016/2017 de H&M.

¿The large sizes of H are going to disappear&M? Yes and no.

Espe is right, but it is something concrete … Knowing the brand and its history with curvy seemed to me a curious publication and a branding strategy that do not hit anything, so I decided to contact H&M España (and communication department) via Twitter, live chat and email your website. The brand has been swift and answered me:

«Although some time changes were made in some of our stores, H Collection&M + It has been located in other stores in the same city or nearby. You can also buy online«. Es decir, with this sentence confirmed the suspicion of Espe, es decir, in some places it would be much harder (or impossible) find large sizes of H&M.

But in the big stores normal rotation of collections and products both within the store and between centers. The next message «It is customary to make changes in our stores and adapt collections to the space and demand. We consider various factors, as the location, profile and customer flow, size of the local, etc. que They help us identify which collections are best suited to meet the demand of our customers«. Es decir, probably the collection of H&M + is not currently in stores but can be found in a nearby center where there is more public demand (or complete online).

Sizes of H&M
Images from the online sale of H collections&M+.

H&M aims to go beyond….¡until integrating a single collection and not separating it into H&M+!

«H&M + will gradually disappear from our sales channels mainly in physical store because the objective of H&M is to offer large sizes in all our products«. This explains a representative of the brand through brand chat on your website.

¿Does that mean that it will disappear? + The next message «normal«?, I ask. «That is the intention of H&M yes. It's not that we will stop covering the needs of our customers, just we want to make things easier for them«, They claim from the mark.

Although they not yet officially communicated anything (or press release and statements by senior officials) it seems that the future focus of the company in the face of large sizes is to continue standardizing them so that does not have its own section, but are integrated into its collection covering the same product in all sizes.

Sizes of H&M
Tara Lynn . H&M, 2011.

H&M, Sizes and women curvyes: a story of love and virality.

The Swedish company has always prided itself on have products for all, therefore use, enjoyment and presence of large sizes is something they no stranger. They were the first international brands to show this diversity. Ya en 2011, H&M surprised everyone by hiring the services of a curvy model, Tara Lynn , to announce its new line of swimsuits with all sizes. No doubt this decision was made very viral…. ¡and what would come after!

Beyoncé HM
Beyoncé is a photo retouching controversy over fotogáfico.

Although there has been some controversy over the way. Por ejemplo, Beyonce herself ruled against tinkering that his image had received in the campaign he made in 2013 for the Swedish firm. In her, singer He was very angry because he disagreed on how they manipulated the images with photoshop to reduce your curves and make it look thinner. Queen B demanded that those responsible for the brand that only saw the light those snapshots that have not gone through photo retouching.(You can see all Photos of Beyonce x HM here)

Sizes of H&M
Natural image shared by H&M in his official profile Instagram

Since then usual in its integrated communications naturally large size women. Por ejemplo, Instagram on your profile see a variety of girls of all shapes body, ethnicity, aesthetics and roll. Also in their communication campaigns each season different bodies were integrated until 2019 They have included outsize even in his Concious section, thus reaching all its product ranges. Something that is very much in line with the integrated strategy that say they intend to follow.