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Blueberry Sunglasses protect your eyes from blue light without forgetting a fresh and modern design.

we passed, increasingly time connected to digital displays of all kinds: tablets, smarthphones, TV, computers, etc. These tools have become part of our daily lives but often hurt our vision. or our life cycles (cause insomnia, Headaches, etc…) Why are good options there to help us minimize their impact, Whether you use glasses with graduation, as if you do not need but want to take care of your vision to keep it healthy. This is where enter glasses Blueberry, that can help us even when we have no vision problems, as they help protect your eyes from both the blue light and UV.

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Be two consecutive hours exposed to a digital display is sufficient to cause eyestrain. To preserve sight, © BLP Lens technology filters out harmful rays of blue light because its treatment consists of depositing each layer filter glasses lenses. The visual comfort is noticeable from the first moment you use the glasses in front of a digital screen as the impact of direct light is reduced.

The name given to the mark has not been chosen at random. De hecho, al blueberry (which in Spanish means Cranberry) - is often affectionately called him "the fruit of vision", by vision benefits obtained by consuming. Were created by Benoit Sourdon, who realized the increase of time spent him and his three children exposed to blue light. Like thousands of people without vision problems, he had experienced symptoms such as watery eyes, headaches and double vision. Having worked in the field of optics and mounts over the last 10 años, Benoit quickly realizes that there are no protective mounts, modern and accessible for people who do not need corrective lenses.

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They are very comfortable for wearing as no message (Very lightweight frame), They have flexible hinges and a soft touch thanks to its plastic finish. And since the glasses are an indispensable part of our style, Blueberry glasses has a range of 8 colores, in three models adapted to the shape of your face. Por supuesto, if you need it, also they have prescription glasses. The BlackBerry and chesnut versions in size M and L ( ) They can come with increased +0.5, +1, +1.5, +2. I chose this model in brown . What you have like? Would you like to have a?

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Blueberry Eyeglass friends and I want that you can enjoy one of these glasses, and for that reason we make a draw. It is very simple to participate, You just have to be a follower of Blueberry and yellow glasses on Facebook y leave a comment on this post indicating What is your favorite place to stop staring? Por ejemplo, mine is people smile while looking down the street mobile What are they thinking? What message will come to them?… Do not you think exciting?!

You can participate until next Friday, 10 de junio, a las 23:30h. (Only Peninsula and Balearic Islands) And you know what, como siempre, the prize may be for you, to give to anyone you think you need it most, etc. FINALIZADO

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