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I have tried in my own kitchen Press the Infiny Moulinex blender!

With a slogan as funny as «Five a day will seem little to you » se presenta Infiny Press de Moulinex, a blender that comes to revolutionize the market and eliminate, as indicated, boredom when it comes to eating fruits and vegetables.

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Its new technology allows continuous extraction of fruit liquefy all types of fruit and food with minimal preparation without limitations also having compression technology, Juice Press Technology, that maximizes fruit juice and provides great benefits to consumers. Además, its liquefied new cold, Fruit does not heat while being liquefied, which manages to maintain the benefits of the fruit, por ejemplo, achieving a 35% more juice than a regular blender and better maintenance effects of nutrients like vitamin C and antioxidants.

Mi experiencia

The first impression I got when unpacking the Infiny Press (PVP Recomendado: 249,99€) is its "galactic" aspect, with a strong design with futuristic look, makes you want to start experimenting. Discover two different filters - a fine for juices and other thicker for coulis or sauces. - And additions as pitchers for both liquefied elements to the remains. Certainly very comprehensive and practical offering an all in one capable of meeting any problem.

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During the performance I realize juice, not only of simplicity of use - give the food on and take the three holes and already, little proof handyman - But its power, blending the fruit pieces at a breakneck pace - as mentioned above - without producing heat, making best preserve vitamins and juice ready to take out almost (if you serve in a glass previously cooled, por ejemplo).

Also I was surprised how quiet it is, because you always expect something that will crush or liquefy end up sounding like the worst dentist instrument, however in this case we find unpleasant or annoying noise.

You know that the only thing we have in common Ferran Adria and me is that we love to eat, but nothing prepared potato, así que I made this little video preparing one of the simplest juices catalog of ideas and recipes that incorporates Moulinex's own Infiny Press, and giving my positivist touch.

The Press gets Infiny waste directly out of the machine and deposited - Dehydrated - in an outdoor pot and has a drip system. Quizás, the only drawback, not of this particular model, but of all the blenders and products to make juice or smoothies is a little bit of cleaning to do back in all its parts, which it becomes a little nuisance. But something wants, something costs you! And above all, I assure you that the result was well worth it.

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