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In the book The Secrets of Karl discovered a hidden side, and very funny, the most iconic designer XXI century drawings by Tiffany Cooper.

A biography is always interesting, If we add that deals with one of the most enigmatic men in the world moda and also that it is told with some funny drawings ¡Este book It is more than most! I speak of «Karl's secrets«, la illustrated by Tiffany Cooper biography about Karl Lagerfeld – and as, su gato Choupette – as the French illustrator itself says: “Now I am in a position to tell you about his life and reveal all his secrets.…

In this book just published in Spain by Ediciones Kraken (C18.50 € – Buy it here) delivers all secrets and anecdotes from the life of the famous designer: because underneath his suit rigid, their glasses Black and strict attitude, a charming and touching man hides, full of humor…

Karl Secrets

I was pleasantly surprised not only the point of view lighthearted, but also how controversial aspects of the designs are treated and who has never wanted to talk. In this book He is aware that thanks to his work – and his image – It has become a myth and as such faces. Protected by the freedom offered to become a «cartoon character», Cooper has no doubt stretch the most of the situations and proposals humor in the book.

From a review of its history – personal and professional – through illustrations with much banter that make protagonist of legendary films, or even some jokes regarding their tastes and decisions. It is noted that during the making of this book, all and tell all, They have cast a good laugh, but without forgetting the touch somewhat naive and endearing character.

Karl Secrets