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¿lose weight eating bacon? Sounds like a joke but according to the book «more beicon, menos running» es posible.

“¡Get fit and lose weight by eating bacon and drinking alcohol!” ¿With this cry who could resist? Summer is approaching and, although we know that the ideal is to stay healthy and fit all year, many times to look cuerpazo have to make a last-ditch effort. American food guru, Grant Petersen, It reveals the most amazing ways to lose weight in this book just released for sale. Petersen advocates a low carbohydrate diet in which most of the calories come from fatty foods: “It is the best way to get the body to burn fat as fuel”.

In its more than one hundred short chapters and documented, “more beicon, menos running ” de la Editorial Estella Maris  reveals why eating fat makes us lose weight, why cardio leave us hungry and why not all calories are created equal. All it supported by a sound scientific basis.

This reading challenges the preconceived ideas we may have about the food and the exercise. The author of the bestseller in the United States explains what has failed in our attempt to lose weight and how to keep it off. Not forgetting the premise: to burn fat, we eat fats. And not to eat fat as such we do burn: as you said, are carbohydrates and excess protein which we burn fat prevent uplifting sugar levels and insulin.

Más beicon, menos running

If we follow these two guidelines that marks the book, we can eat a whole chocolate black tablet each day, continue to burn fat and get in better shape than in all our lives. We may also add to the cafe three or four tablespoons of cream to make this the perfect breakfast, eat bacon burgers with cheese, and drinking tequila, whiskey or rum without remorse.

As the legal notice underscores the book, Petersen is not a doctor. But the topics covered in these pages are backed by scientific data, y los conocimientos que comparte provienen tanto de su formación en la materia como de su propia experiencia personal (since his sixty and split table following this method ensures that you are healthier and fitter than ever).

Además, «more beicon, menos running» Includes detailed step-by-step illustrations of simple exercises and over a dozen delicious carb-free recipes..