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Ponche Caballero decides to renew their image to keep shining after 185 años de historia

Este año, the signature drink of Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz, España) meets 185 years and celebrates renewing its bottle to give a fresher and brighter look, while maintaining the quality of indoor. And it is that this drink makes us to travel from Andalusia to Mexico, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Madagascar to find key botanical ingredients that make up your recipe.

Ponche Caballero

Ponche Caballero he wanted to know this new image not only sending a bottle, sino two gifts with my initials (MR): a classic glass and a cocktail glass… and they proposed me a very interesting challenge, create a cocktail based on the philosophy of Ponche Caballero. I indicated that I could be inspired by its history or look to the future and propose something groundbreaking. I was tempted to experiment with something more groundbreaking but I told myself – just like i think, por ejemplo, of Brown Sugar that were the image of the Ponche Caballero – ¿Why change something that is good? ¡We just have to enhance it or give it a little touch!

My cocktail: Electric Caballero

Hay product personality so it is very difficult to mix and outmanoeuvre the taste. That is why I wanted to highlight the Ponche Caballero flavor itself, limiting ourselves to the traditional way of drinking it. – only with ice – but including a couple of citrus touches and with an electric point to increase its refreshing point. It is usually served with a slice of orange but…. ¿And if we change the orange for its "yellow cousin"?

ponche caballero gafas amarillas (4) ponche caballero gafas amarillas (2)

Yellow cocktail Knight is as simple as a traditional glass filled with ice almost to the top, add punch to half glass and half a lemon to squeeze over it. (You can make to consumer tastes and squeeze more or less of lemon). The combined moves well and when it is mixed Add a little of Sichuan pepper, trying not to fall on all the liquid but some stay on the ice, enhancing the flavor to go as they melt. When an effective drink one of these peppers mouth, do not hesitate to bite and enjoy your intensity with citrus reminiscences and experts as defined in this condiment slightly numbing "electric sensation" and the subsequent effect that makes the tongue relax.

ponche caballero gafas amarillas (5) ponche caballero gafas amarillas (3)

I tried to build on the absolute simplicity but providing that point acid, Citric as iconic my glasses yellow, but contrarrestándolo with the exotic and relaxing effect of Sichuan pepper. Furthermore it is so simple it can be to everyone

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