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You know that Time For Wood is a brand that I love. Its urban but with products with natural materials like wood philosophy seems very fun and wearable and fits my style, For that reason, I liked to receive one of its new products: wooden clock Envolvo. The new line relojes de Time for Wood value customization, since you can combine attributes as you want. First you choose the type and color of walnut wood + Quite / Ebony + Ebony / Seminai + Ebony), then the size (There are two, de 36 mm 42 mm diameter), and then you can choose two of the seven options straps . the ones you like - for further personalizarllo.

Some of the best features of these watches is that both the housing and the cover are 100% wood and all models are handmade (also work with Japanese Technology - Quartz movement Miyota).

reloj de madera time for wood

It is a watch that besides providing a casual and urban style, surprises and strangers. While ls wooden clocks are no longer exceptional, If it is true that finding in circulation and become something comfortable and everyday like it. Además, thanks to the possibility to change the email makes it even more versatile. I have the brown and black belts - I have not wanted to risk a lot because sometimes I'm a bland life, but there are more chulis options - and I fit perfectly with many outfits preserving the natural feel but sophisticated at the same time. Because it can be urban but being right near the best of nature.

Y además, You can now win two of these wooden clock (one for girl and one for boy) in your profile Instagram. Es muy sencillo: Just follow Time For Wood and tagear even friend in your photo. Para participar, Click on the image below Good luck!