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SanDisk reinvents mobile storage. SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick gives consumers greater flexibility to access and share photos and videos from their favorite devices

This widget is a new memory that allows access, share and transfer photos and videos between mobile devices and computers. Pero lo más llamativo de este producto es que permite compartir archivos de forma inalámbrica entre múltiples dispositivos. Proporciona el acceso que hace posible que los usuarios tomen el control de sus contenidos en cualquier momento y lugar. El SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick It can be used with smartphones, tablets and computers. Whether in a briefcase or pocket, the new memory allows users to access media or transfer large files wirelessly, archive and share photos and videos, or transfer HD videos and music to and from mobile devices, and up to three at a time.

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The SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick has two year warranty and is now available on Amazon, BestBuy.com and SanDisk.com in 16GB (PVP recomendado: 34,99€), 32GB (42,99€), 64GB (59,99€) and 128GB (99,99€)  It incorporates an intuitive app,  (SanDisk Connect) allowing virtually no effort management content between devices4Favorite users, including iOS and Android, tablets Fire, and Mac and PC, all them via Wi-Fi password protected. The new app, also it has other interesting features, as the car back up photos and videos from camera to memory.

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I'm honestly very used to transfer documents between devices, either through digital platforms or through USB but this hybrid method has surprised me, because it has the benefits of both parties.  Para gente como yo que no paramos de pasar contenido de un lado a otrodel ordenador al móvil, o entre ordenadorescon el fin de sacar el mayor rendimiento posible a ese contenido (management of social networks, retouching tools, etc…) is very comfortable to have him simply close and fulfill its role to perfection.

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