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Wahl beard trimmer Stainless Steel presents its Advanced proposals that continues to improve care for man.

I put on record: Wahl was the creator of the first electromagnetic hair clipper called Stainless Steel, and has late last year launched its second generation of this successful model. Stainless Steel called Advanced now offers more possibilities. as they define "Multifunction and various cutting guides, This razor is the essential accessory for men in a hurry, either to give small touches to bushy beards or make precise cuts in just minutes”.

It is ideal for crop and stylize any beard without losing time. The razor includes three simple cutting guides (1,5 mm, 3 mm y 4,5 mm) for precision cutting and eight guides T-blade cutting (de 3 mm a 25 mm) for fast and effective shaving thanks to larger leaves. Además, thanks to its cutting guide with six positions (2 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm y 12 mm) cuts can be made on the finer hair.

Ultra powerful with its new Lithium-Ion, Stainless Steel Advanced offers the use by 1h 4h load. Asimismo, thanks to its quick charge function (1 loading per minute 3 cutting), this new cortabarbas is the perfect ally of men in a hurry. And for anyone to stay with half beard, its light prevents a flicker when the battery is in the past.

bty Stainless Steel Advanced de Wahl

Mental note: Manu son, the next time you make photos for a review of a cortabarbas, Arréglate beard before!

Mi experiencia con Stainless Steel Advanced de Wahl

I do not know if recordareis the post., but I long ago I introduced her Cortapelos Close Cut, That also was yellow! Now with his cortabarbas I continue to demonstrate their expertise in hair care machinery (whether and where is ;-) It is masterful. You know I always Luzco beard, longer or shorter depending on how inspired you are, so this beard trimmer with many adjustment possibilities seems very comfortable and appropriate. Además, I'll tell you a secret that I have begun to do with Stainless Steel Advanced Wahl: it turns out that not shave my beard area down to delinearla, but what I do is spend my razor without guides to get very very finite leave the hair without damaging the skin with the blade.

In addition it should be emphasized, as Wahl's friends also draw chest that detail, It is on its sleek design. Made in brushed stainless steel, with a finish effect slate and a stylized support, “design is the complement any bathroom needs”. The cortabarbas Wahl Stainless Steel Advanced is available at retail price of 129,99 €