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This body shaver is a multi accessories Rowenta, un 7 en 1. With a single machine remains controlled all the hair of a man (wherever you are)

It is called Trim&Rowenta Style and on a single machine can find Seven advantages to tame, drive, cut or style the hair is male wherever you are! Este new shaver of the German brand has various heads to achieve everything you want: Precision sheet 7 mm, Blade for beard de 32 mm, 1 adjustable barba sentence: 3/4/5/6/7mm, Mini shaver 25 mm, Ear and nose trimmer. And also body groomer to shave the body. Thus it becomes an essential in the bathroom of those men who want diversity but without needing various appliances. It is very comfortable because it makes your personal care much faster ...

Trim&Style de Rowenta 10

Can be used wirelessly thanks to its charging base (charges while not in use), It has a titanium coating that allows a superior quality in the cut and increases the resistance of the blade and also es 100% waterproof for use even under the shower. In Myself experience, I don't use it to shave, but to define, its use under water is difficult for me since I need precision to outline and others, but I find it very comfortable for guys who remove all hair. Pero, por ejemplo, soaking in water comes in handy to keep the trim clean&Rowenta Style.

Trim&Style de Rowenta 3

This review is done, in addition to because I found it a great male beauty gadget, because the last edition of MBFWM I attended some parades thanks to Rowenta and I was able to visit her area in the backstage of the catwalk. There they not only have the latest brand news, (like this Trim&Rowenta Style) They also offer ironing service and assistance to designers who need it., and they offer their products in the hairdressing salon since they are official sponsors. In the previous edition I already told you the process that the garments follow before going out on the catwalk thanks to them.

Trim&Style de Rowenta Gafas Amarillas

As always a pleasure to share those moments with you Thank you!