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I have to admit that this brand had always caused love-hate. On the one hand it had some interesting proposals, complete, fun and wearable, and above all applicable to "everyday life", but on the other hand I saw a certain cani aftertaste, like very Cristiano Ronaldo who threw me "pa'tras" on many occasions!

But in these last proposals of the Week of the moda from Milan, they have surprised me- and for good - both the short line - D&G - as the longest - Dolce & Gabbana. Although both are aimed at different audiences, they have common characteristics that I am passionate about, like freshness, disinhibition, lose fear of being different and original, and of course prints that will cause a world revolution ...

Dolce & Gabbana

The proposals are duplicated in two very specific areas. A completely masculine look, with sober colors - black and white – wide but suggestive shapes. As if they were renewed macho gangsters, we see one of Dolce's women.

On the opposite side, we find the femininity of the curves, of transparency and mid-length lengths. But in a completely transgressive way, they bet on the star pattern. In various colors – mostly white, black and yellow - and in conjunction both between them, as with other materials such as lace. Definitely an eclectic mix, and something strident for women who want to stand out and a lot! I love this little print - in fact I have a swimsuit with Chinese stars! I'll get it out next winter! - and I think it will be a must, applied to many things, the next season.

I am not averse to salons with socks, but not like this, THANKS…


For the considered "young line" they have thrown the house out the window through color. I have also fallen in love with that letter print again and for a very funny personal reason. Modo remember on: [I am a journalist - yes people! degree in journalism although it may not seem like it! – and when you start in the race, during the first years, people usually give you cases, pencils, cushions or even lamps with prints of the typography of a newspaper - surely you know what I say - I suppose they will do it as a sign of support] I was excited to rediscover letter printing, quite changed to what I was telling you, and turned into something trendy.

Además, the wide variety of options makes you sure how when and what to wear them for. I think they will also give a lot of play - and a lot of copies. [I love mine but now, because as a good journalist I am broke]

Betting on strong and cheerful colors for winter seems to me an assumable and very characteristic risk. As I said above, dresses to stand out.

Another detail that has not finished convincing too much in the network have been the wedge sports. They don't seem like something new to me, but as they are treated I see them quite funny, of course, not suitable for all audiences.

Fotos: Vogue. es