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Ethnic looks in Rihanna's new video, Where Have You Been, and at the Nicki Minaj, Starship,… Tribal style - machinist prevails Do we fall at his feet?

The most “badass” part with harem pants and military boots or the most sophisticated part with a black dress and afro hair (This has been copied to Rosa López!) Sin duda Rihanna bets on her newly released Where Have You Been video for the tribal look. Will we get tired of seeing it this season? I hope so, because I love it!

Of course, you can't miss the zebra print - either worn on clothing or as a rug on the floor., references to crocodiles (this also reminds me of Lana del Rey), turbans, mother of pearl bracelets and something that has always been a hit, cover your bare skin, of an incredible tone ... without a doubt an ethnic or tribal detail is not lacking in this new Rihanna video.

With movement a bit shaky, we see the singer lost in a very sexy and horny jungle. Without a doubt this new video of Where Have You Been is going to give a lot of play and it positions it within a new, much more "tribal" area ... I love it, aunque I see certain reminiscences (with the solid dancing, por ejemplo, and the water in sexy plan) with the Starship, the video that recently debuted new pop diva Nicki Minaj, also with reminiscences but with more pop touches and much more "funny"...

Definitely the tribal concept - machinero (en plan, I just had a pasti in the jungle)  is a new value! Ahead!