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Checking through old files I found some pictures of Robert McGinnis and I thought that there is nothing more stylish than the drawings of this American genius.

mcginnis68 mcginnis72
It is known worldwide for draw classic poster of James Bon moviesd but here we go further and also show the countless drawings "no name" that made, especially women with style, decided , enigmatic, a dangerous and other times completely winding starred the covers of countless libros pocket ... but in a much more artistic and subtle way that current romance novels with tiazos and girls tetonas.
Now that it has become moda look back recovering 50, 60 y 70 it is impossible not to notice McGinnis proposals as clear sample seventies look but providing these classical reminiscences of glamor through color, "Models", the costumes and scenery and of course, a genius trying nude.
mcginnis20 mcginnis19 mcginnis56
mcginnis21-1 mcginnis46 mcginnis57

Artworks in many cases adapted to the need to tell a story themselves and get to capture the user's attention to the novel. Here I attached a series of his drawings, which to me the more I like, but surely googleando You find many more.
A curiosity is that I found this blog entitled Illustrated OO7 where gathered drawings made with the theme of James Bond, where we can find many images referring to the British secret agent, entre ellas, many of Robert McGinnis.
mcginnis221 mcginnis28
mcginnis30-1 detc17 mcginnis31-1
mcginnis67 mcginnis77
mcginnis40mcginnis134 mcginnis38
mcginnis10 mcginnis132