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Anna Selezneva get in this new campaign Blumarine combine two very difficult feelings to unite: sensuality with romanticism.

Spring - Summer 2013 Blumarine is able to fall in love or get palote, or all at once. Camilla Akrans photographer takes Anna Selezneva model to the field, surrounding almond blossoms - one of the most beautiful and evocative flowers that exist - and surrounded by a light enough "hard" and direct to get a campaign multipurpose. All mixing clear - soil and branches - or collide with the bottom - that blue sky.

Although not surprising - the formula is repeated enough - if you get to value the difference and the difficulty in marking parameters that are sexy without being lewd, all with a romantic and natural dyes (in the sense of simplicity) Very strong.

Through certain positions, gestures or watched, we are able to discover the haunting presence of the model that can remind us both a nymph ... or a girl who tries to seduce the camera drifting. Campaign a success I think Blumarine positions in a niche in which it is very difficult to establish.