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The new Ron Brugal Añejo bottle squeezes the tradition of Dominican Republic, where it is created, for inspiration in a new design.

To celebrate a new era, Brugal has just introduced a new design Ron Brugal Añejo for, as they define «a new bottle up to a higher rum» but keeping intact the respect for traditional values. Como no podía ser de otra manera, essence of baby instead of creating: Dominican Republic.

Por supuesto, I could not miss this new image, the network that defines this brand, memory of the long history of the Brugal family, manually placed in each of the bottles on site that has Brugal in real cradle rum. It is more than a decorative accessory and connecting with the inheritance of the family and the vocation artesanal.La essence remains intact Brugal Añejo, but changes the bottle to keep up the quality of the liquid containing.

cover photograph: Elmundoabocados.com