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SKINS®, leading brand in sports compression garments, It takes performance to another level with the introduction of a sun protection technology in the new collection coldblack®, and that has added to its popular range of garments A400.

SKINS Coldblack

Carried out in international laboratories Scholler, company located in Switzerland, coldblack® incorporating the technology has been achieved by applying during the manufacturing process of each garment a reflector and sunscreen to repel the visible and invisible rays of sunlight. This provides a UV protection factor 50 and a reduction in body temperature less than five degrees external.

Aesthetically, incorporating this new technology from the normal collection A400 It resides only in small blue stitching garments. The new range coldblack® SKINS It will be available in stores from February 2014.

SkinsMensColdblackLSIntroducing SKINS coldblack® makes the body use less energy to cool itself. Por lo tanto, the person using these garments transpire less, se sentirá cómoda durante más tiempo y será capaz de desarrollar un mayor rendimiento físico. Asimismo, existing benefits of Dynamic Compression Gradual incorporated in the garment able to decrease vibrations of key muscle groups, reduce pain after exercise and accelerate recovery by forcing more oxygen to muscles. The natural heat protection that provides means coldblack® SKINS, además, that the use of darker colors will be more practical in all conditions.

ON SKINS® – A brand born AMBITION

En 1966 a wily Australian skier had a bold idea: develop a garment that improve athletic performance and aid recovery. He consulted with NASA scientists and other experts and was 5 years designing, testing and debugging the product before creating the first pair of tights, which they were launched in Australia the year 2002.

The news that SKINS® helped improve performance and recover better effort spread quickly. Básicamente, because it makes you feel and look a bit like a super hero. Professional athletes were the first to use but sooner or later the rest of sports fans did too.

The company has grown rapidly in the past decade and continues to lead the segment of sports performance that created, but our attitude has not changed in the least. The philosophy is simple SKINS®: radically improve the sporting world from a pair of tights. Let's be clear, when you have a product that is scientifically proven by numerous independent studies, you just have to say it sounds. Without making much noise.

Currently SKINS® headquarters are in Switzerland but Australian roots are kept in the regional office in Sydney. Global growth has led us to open offices in the US, UK, Francia, Germany and China and we have an extensive network of distributors covering most countries of the world.