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The musicon sounds and a model with a firm step shows off the new collection on a big catwalk but ¿What happens to each garment before that triumphant exit? Here are some preliminary steps sleepless parade following garments

The media and blogs are filled with information on new collections that designers have shown these days in Madrid MBFW (Formerly known as the Pasarela Cibeles) or other of the many walkways that are happening throughout the world; but very few focus on the preprocessing each brand makes its garments so that everything runs like a charm once the model walks the runway and collides with thousands of flashes. I do not mean the organization, to the hairdresser or makeup, not even to the directions they receive (She is smiling with eyes), but the actual process with the garments themselves as such.

previos desfile (8)

Between design – making the exit to the walkway there are preliminary steps that are always overshadowed by the force of his final shows. Here I show you the.


The designer creates a serie of pieces based on his inspiration, but then to exit the parade many things have to happen and that everything combines to respond 100% to that inspiration. El styling is essential for it. Learn to combine the pieces to get something surprising, look for the concept of shoes or accessories – and look for collaborating brands for them – even coordinate makeup and hair so that the collection is a whole is what is called the work of styling.

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Great combination of styling. Right: Dries Van Noten

Sometimes the person can play a different designer, that contribute – with his artistic vision – a complement to the initial idea of ​​the same. In this section, that is usually done before reaching the parade grounds of what you get is Butt enhance the essence of the collection. In very large and very power brands, you can even find the so-called "art director” that selects everything that accompanies the designs – from the music to the tone of the catwalk. In smaller brands, as parading in MBFWM often the designers themselves and their closest team who take control. An example of great outfits may be found in international brand as DSquared2, even a white shirt and jeans can convey the essence of the collection completely.

Previos Desfile Estilismo Dsquared2

White shirt and jeans in various parades Dsquared2


A couple of days before the parade the selected models – by the catwalk or by the designer – van going to the workroom of each designer to prove the complete looks that will draw on the catwalk. It's time see that everything fits perfectly. Notching, the long, the shape and movement must correspond to what the designer has in mind and that is why there are rare last minute tweaks. Backstage each designer brings his team to the final touches, Sewing low, mangas, etc.. ¡And it is not the first time that he even changes clothes – seeing her on!

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Throughout my visits to MBFWM I have seen several fittings and the designer's faces are priceless ¡Both as for well and for worse! When a dress works illusion is reflected in his face, but if the next piece does not fit, the downturn is important and the concern even more since it must be fixed in record time. I could this year visit Basson Montse Basmar before the presentation of his collection and learn about their hopes and doubts.

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During the transfer of clothing where they designed and created to the site of the parade wrinkles occur and is therefore essential that if necessary there is a time of ironing clothes once and placed in the backstage and prepare to leave. Each designer usually take your plate or array elements depending on your needs or the fabric collection. Rowenta has been a sponsor of the Official Ironing for several editions and is the perfect ally to give the "magic touches” to the garments so that they look impeccable during the parades.

rowenta gafas amarillas

This year MBFW Madrid was the so-called Rowenta Lounge, which it is a multipurpose room that can be the last review of the garments, test products Rowenta Ironing. This space becomes a hub of communication of the brand with all their followers, where experiences are shared, trends and tricks (You can see them at www.mylookrowenta.es). This year the brand has introduced its innovative center Steam Silence Extreme Ironing, ensuring perfect results thanks to its steam, and the maximum silence and a great energy saving function ECO. I could live check!

and sometimes, to wash

Such essential act in our daily life such as laundry, sometimes it is also essential sometimes in some parades. It may be for two reasons, because there has been a problem during transport or organizing the parade and they have been soiled, or because the designer decides that the garments have a washed effect – how can it be to the stone – or to get concrete shapes. Was the example of Juan Duyos, who collaborated with the AEG company.  In his collection for the Spring-Summer of 2016 predominantly natural materials such as linen, georgette silk or cotton guipure, fabrics that were washed in AEG firm ÖKO washers and dried in AbsoluteCare dryers before going on the catwalk. Specifically entire collection, It comprises a total of 37 silhouettes, un 60% They have been washed previously.

previos desfile (Duyos AEG) (1) previos desfile (Duyos AEG) (2)

Gift Parade Duyos SS2016 washed AEG

Finishing touches and action

Once closed and all, and minutes before the parade, models come out and get ready for the catwalk after his first outing. The designer checks every detail just before going out on the catwalk… Although there is little time for nothing, Little touches like a shirt button undone more, the form of a belt or the position to be carrying the model and the garment feel better retouched at the last moment.

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¡And to enjoy!

And after all those previous steps, parade, when that garment goes down the catwalk it offers its best self, after months of intense work from that listed in the designer's mind, It is your big moment; only seconds to seduce the eyes of the audience and the flashes of photographers stacked at the end of the runway. ¿but it would be nothing without these previous parade steps!