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…but others look proud

Reflection on style, styling, the concept and foremost, esteem and hard face of many men passionate about fashion.

The world of moda It is exciting, I'm not discovering anything new. Miles de ideas, thousands of proposals, many considerations and foremost, thousands of people to interpret and mix. Men occupy an increasingly important place in this area, both the industry and style, and more and more lists of the best dressed men, Stylish men, etc ... If you are regular readers of the blog know that my everyday style tends to be bit garish, pulling basic, and timely way out of tune to make life more bearable. Pero How far I could get my freak fahionista?

Last night she is conversing with Luis G. Chacon, a man with impeccable style, via Twitter about the need to take "Shame"When it comes to betting on fashion. Como veis, I am very courageous ... but I find fascinating is people who.

What is the problem? That risk often confused, style or stridency, with mamarrachismo. In the field of men's fashion we find a thin line hardly able to distinguish between the two terms and is often inspired by mirages, self-censorship and little open-mindedness. Other times, it's about, only, of personajazos pure and hard.

Egobloggers male, hooked on tumblr or simple seats frikazos for any stroll through the internet and other gateway to prove that, although we can not call limits, menswear have certain limits.

Y no, I do not talk about gender (Women skinny pants can look great to a skinny rocker, o Kanye West can wear his kilt proud Givenchy), sino de related aesthetic, and foremost visual appearance. The other day Fellow Fashion (Reference blog I follow and recommend) He reflected on J.W. Anderson and gender codes in the world of fashion in a post about the balance between male and female or, which I feature:

Las women have spent years playing experience with the male wardrobe(boyfriend jeans, camisas oversize, maxi blazers…) and according to Jonathan Anderson, "Now is the time to be men who experiment with their wardrobe, otherwise, they will be doomed to boredom of the standard set for the menswear ".

But we all know there are times when experiments go well and others that almost blow up the lab. As to success, o no, of a styling male radical and different aspects as we enter little goals like personality taste, the reason, prejudices, the desire or envy. When we talk about girls this thing less radicalized, not impossible outfits, but "negative" implications.

It would be impossible to argue a logical argument as to why I believe that a man is mamarrachesco styling or otherwise has managed to redefine the classic male model in an interesting way. Even so, are some examples that can help us see more clearly tad.

Some examples

A blog that you can not miss for discover some "but this is?"It is male You Never Wear That, honored at the title of this post. There we see a series of esperpentos – si, is that the most appropriate definition - boys and explore, perhaps the bullfighter saltándoselos, the limits of male appearance.

Internationally I emphasize to Jeroy, del blog House of Jeroy (o podéis ver sus looks de un vistazo en su Trendtation), certainly personality and charisma - and wardrobe already quisierais many - not lack this boy.

In our skin we have all of Alex Gibaja ClubFashionista or Paul Montt that make each of their outfits an object of controversy.

Por supuesto, y in no case, I am saying that we all had to go suits - Although I admit that would be a bit groovy - or that there is a single vision of the imaginary male fashionista, but what is clear is that we still squeak certain things and I am not at all able to answer the question:

Do we squeak by prejudice and low permeability or we miss by not responding to a reasonable achievement?

I just wanted to think aloud and try to define the involvement of mess in the fashion world, SAR brings us the key:

mess. (Delprice.hisp. *muharráǧ o *muharríǧ, y este delprice. muharriǧ, jester). 1. m. coloq. Defective person or thing, ridiculous fancy. / 2. m. coloq. Imperfect thing. / 3. m. coloq. Casual Male, unworthy of respect.

Pero, as I am bipolar, I not want to end this without the allegation: Long live the difference, long live the distinction! and ...

Each put whatever you want ... and to defend them as you can!