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Clothes Draw, a website and online store of vintage clothing. Rummaging through thrift stores has evolved.

They are presented encouraging everyone to browse their website "in search of inspiration, creativity, curiosities and, who knows!, maybe of treasures. " Without a doubt, it never hurts to honor the history of the moda revaluing creations that inspired unique and special moments, glimpses of bygone eras that are dying to shine again today, and at very affordable prices!

DiBu Vintage Clothing begins its journey. We present our website with the idea of ​​discovering to the general public the wonderful history of fashion from the last decades of the last century”Explains Julia Alonso in a press release that sends. “  There are many reasons to invest in vintage clothing. For us, the most important is to wear quality clothes, only unique garments, available to all kinds of people, in a desire that each express their individuality in an increasingly homogeneous worldéneo. ” Differentiation looking for inspiration in the past is a constant reality, and here is a great resource.

"Our selection criteria is that each retro garment combines a historical perspective of fashion with a timeless style." Because it is clear that this timeless style endows any garment with characteristics to turn them into almost works of art "

Now it only remains for them to also look for men's products!