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Comes this long-awaited moment where we give free rein to our impulses but, How to get saved and not splurge on sale?

I put SpongeBob illustrating everything has been totally random, But it is fun!

How can we fail to splurge on sale a lot of pasta? Pasta I do not mean a good Italian dish, which it is not bad to finalize a good afternoon shopping. But I speak of that money they cost us both win.

On sale many times we get carried away by the passion fashionista and that then can be reflected in a shaky current account. I leave you here four tips to be reasonable in the sales and not waste time or money:

Make lists

There's still time to make several lists, I gird me not only the boring list of what you need. Yo I propose 3 different lists:

  • 1 What I need? ¿Basic? - A fresquito dressed for the office, flat sandals, a bikini ... normal current needs and. Trust me, Nobody needs a green heels ...
  • 2. What I wish? – That dress for which I sigh, a green taconazos, a bag that makes you feel special, caprice that climbs the budget ...
  • 3. What more party beareth? - Blue Tacón (Green taconazos not hit me with anything), one bag to match medianito work, patterned dress but this year ...

Now virtue is in being able to combine the three lists in the best way possible. La idea is not giving up the caprices, but turn them into something productive, who take advantage. Thus we get to maximize investment and get what we want, but what we need and what we're going to put ...

Collates and relax

Today go bargain hunting has evolved. All manufacturers have information or shop online catalogs and products Why not take a look at the things you need before starting as a loc @ the street?  Search, compare, and if you find something better, Buy It.

It would not be the first - and probably last - that buy something and just two stores after you see it very much and best price or some detail that you like more. ¡Error!  Now you have no reason to go on an adventure, Make sure it will see. Although we know the shenanigans that make brands, know what's on each site will allow you to go a little booth sea @ and with clearer objectives.

Be advised but do not let yourself be influenced

They are very different things! We've all ever been shopping and we ended up buying something that does not convince us only because our @ companion seemed perfect. Often they guess right, but in other cases ended up relegating the garment at the bottom of the closet - and not just as a basic, but to hide.

At this point it should be clarified that go rebate should be a experience fun, havemoda, and not become a bitter struggle - makes me laugh to see that people running in terror when you open the English Court. If you go with a friend or friend, with your partner, with your mother or your cousin, the same, try to have fun, find areas where you can both be comfortable and find things that you wish, This will facilitate the experience and will make you feel more comfortable.

My reflection comes when buying, He thinks no one else but you will get the garment. If you do not look good, or does not convince you all, not risk, leave her! Surely in the next shop you find anything that convinces you more.

Date un capricho

Apart from the above mentioned, it never hurts to pamper yourself, and if it matches rebates, mejor que mejor. You do not feel you're wasting money, but fulfilling dreams. I'm not contradicting with the first tip, but simply giving a little love to wish list. Surely if you buy what you love is a win and improve not only your mood but the whole perception that sales have been magnificent. Sure you get those green heels luxury!

I hope these four tips or advice to save rather than splurge on rebates serve to at least, Prepare to have you @ before the avalanche of discounts that come upon us in this period. Now only the cale to go for that bargain is waiting, but you already know, always head!