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Geox wants to "take your breath" and has challenged some of its customers to stay calm for her new shoe collection.

Yesterday, via Patri de Patricia's Blog, I discovered the Scream Challenge de GEOX in collaboration with the Red Bull racing team. Participants start with 20 pairs of shoes each and for each scream they give on the track, one of them is subtracted. Look at the video that has no waste.

It seemed to me not only a very funny idea, if not a completely viral way to publicize the new collection Even without showing the products! (if you realize it, they hardly see each other). The strength of the plot mix and match makes it close to us, cash, fun and desirable. From here i want congratulate Maren, Christian y Piotr -What kind of name is it? – for "keeping them square" and not shouting once and encouraging Kathrin, that he does not take any shoes home but that turns out very cute.