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Surely you have heard of gamers, people and characters who have become essential prescribers today. Are in the news, getting thousands of views and followers while showing their passion for online gaming. They are connected all day and creating content and that is why one of the first reflections that comes to mind when we think about them is, ¿but how many hours do these people spend in front of the computer or mobile?

That question is the one that Multiópticas throws at us within Screen Pollution, an initiative carried out from 2019 to raise awareness about the use (and abuse) of the time we spend looking at digital screens.

A few days ago the image of the politician Celia Villalobos went viral, famous for being caught playing Candy Crush in Congress, sponsoring a fictional Esports team captained by herself. ¿Politics has become so fond of video games that he has set up his own competition club? No, This is the new Screen Pollution campaign to put on the table the concept that any of us can “become” in gamers without realizing it. ¿For our skills with the game? ¡No! For the time we spend in front of the screen. It is not necessary to dedicate ourselves to it to spend a lot of time glued to television, the computer or the mobile phone, thus harming our eye health and giving rise to a new type of pollution in our lives: la screen pollution.

On this occasion and with this surprising action, Andalusian politics, Multiópticas aims to reach those adults (+ de 45 años) who think that digital intoxication and excessive use of screens “it doesn't go well with them” to show that this statement is wrong and that we are looking at the screen much more than we think, especially when we talk about the use of mobile phones.

screen pollution Multiopticas

La campaña, with the name "You're a gamer and you don't know it", puts on the table very interesting data such as that, according to a study carried out by the company itself, el 70% of the people between 45 y 75 years pass an average of 1,3 hours a day playing games. ¡and this is almost 33 minutes more of the time teens spend doing the same! This is affecting your eye health, pero claro, since it is not called “gamers” since that is "something for young people"” so they don't care about it.

Actions like these make us realize that eye health should be valued by all, let's be young, Adults, gamers o no. Since it is impossible to avoid it due to our consumption of screens throughout the day.

screen pollution