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Mobile, tablet, computer or TV. We are all day looking at various screens! Is by why we need to be aware of how this can affect Pollution Screen your view.

"What time will?” Sacas mobile pocket, you look and you return to save ... "What time was that I have not noticed? We are so accustomed to resort to screens that sometimes do not even look at what is in them, Even if our eyes have had to make the effort!

In this blog moda y lifestyle, it is true that always has a corner saved our love for glasses y, por supuesto, so protect, the eyes! 

What is Screen Pollution?

Today I will talk about the Screen Pollution, it is a term that has created Multiópticas to define a concept which we increasingly present: The extreme use of screens that increasingly surround us and eyestrain.

From Multiópticas want to encourage responsible consumption screens and raise awareness and generate greater awareness around Overuse of digital devices, promoting responsible use for people preserve their eye health and prevent the harmful effects of Pollution exposure to Screen.

With the collaboration of experts in ophthalmology, Doctor Manuel Diaz as Llopis, Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Valencia and new technologies, as Empantallados Association, a platform that is part of the consortium led by INCIBE (National Cyber ​​Security Institute), It composed of numerous experts in education and technology that was created with the aim of involving parents to accompany their children in the digital world.

¿La Screen Pollution es real? You really are so hooked on screens?

Por eso, a study by Multiópticas Probe on request and based on a sample of the Spanish population, discloses a series of data illustrating signi fi cant those related habits time invested with screens. Every day, Spaniards spent 11 hours staring at a screen and 81% look 5 or more screens throughout the day.

The first and last thing we do every day is to look at a display device. A habit as common as all other times intermediates wherein consulted time, We consult the news, We update our RRSS, We see the direction we were headed, we make sport while watching a series, or directly we work, we study, we We communicate ...

Screen Pollution

How face it? Multiópticas the battery gets

The idea is to confront both culturally and technologically. culturally, under the Campaign Screen Pollution brand will develop educational workshops in schools primary and secondary education to teach children to make use responsible for electronic devices.

Por supuesto, at the level of innovation and technology the brand contributes to the prevention of eye health by incorporating treatment anti-reflective iBestlayt Technology to your glasses Reading, which prevents fatigue and visual stress arising from the abusive exposure to blue light emitting devices we use in Our day to day.  At the same time, lenses Multiópticas feature of the Blue UV Capture System, that locks up 20% of harmful blue light and provides protection against UV light in all indices

As for the lenses iMultilens monthly replacement of daily use are ideal for users of screens digital, since they have a unique design and are manufactured with technology last generation that reduces visual fatigue caused by the use of digital devices.