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I ask appeal to freedom and honesty.

Highly advise reading This article Xataca Photo which speaks about digital retouching possible anti-law being promoted in the United States. Signature Article Alfonso Dominguez Lavin and exposes Superbly what I think: It's great to regulate, but not censor. (If you read on you'll find an excerpt)

And the other day I told you about the league against cosmetic surgery that is "It is creating"With some actresses like Kate Winslet. And this reminds me of it. I propose we appeal to freedom and honesty please. No less honest slightly improving a photo, or as great Lavin says, as a creative resource, but should be responsible with your image, and what they do with it. Many times I am surprised to think what Christina Aguilera herself said when she saw herself in the photos that Mónica Belluci? Julia Roberts own or as fictional in this campaign ... When Photoshop overrides reality, It is the reality that has to cope.

This regular well, but not eliminate the possibility. What it is needed is education in promoting honesty, of reality and truth, and stop selling smoke.

You have some memorable phrases:

For the record, what they want (or so they say in theory and under the name of Esteem Act) It is to regulate the retouching models, actors and actresses in magazines and in ads. The idea does not seem bad and it's something I've always favored here at Engadget Photo, in that the press photos should not be retouched. Another thing, as we know, It is how do. Many times in the US some laws end up being a totally irrational nonsense.

Is that getting porcelain skin by retoque digital and say you're selling a beauty cream and magazine covers still leaves you skin well, as the most typical example, it has a name. (…)

Apparently I am in favor of regulating not censor, but the issue has crumb. I am a strong advocate of retouching and creative resource as you know, but I am not in favor of an actor / actress appearing twenty years younger thanks to photoshop.