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The word undertake does not have an ax interspersed either.

How glad I am of those doodles in the notebook between classes, and of those agent supports that value the small details as described by the “about” on the firm's website. Thanks to them we can enjoy Ester's designs today (no interleaved ax)
I have been able to ask you some questions and I love that you enlighten us with some very interesting thoughts and opinions about your project that is born of passion and creation in its purest form. She tells us as a friend, which I hope it is, why is this blog!,
– ¿the best illustration is the one made by hand?
You don't have to, I draw both by hand and on the computer, it all depends on the result you want to get. For me it is more comfortable to draw by hand, in fact almost all my illustrations are done like this, and then I scan them and sometimes I add textures, colores, or correct something.
– importance of color. ¿What is the color for you in each shirt?
Color is what gives life to my illustrations. I like that it suddenly has a touch of color that makes the drawing stand out, focus on that part. So happy” the drawing, give it a little life.
– I get the feeling that it is «clothes to be happy» ¿What do you think of this idea, I get closer to reality?
go, ¡I'm glad you think so! These are t-shirts with funny illustrations, Very casual with naive touches, pop, indie… so you can wear them to go out with friends to have fun. ¡T-shirts are always a must that should never be missing!


olé olé y olé make it a solo project, ¿how do you live all this?
The fact of being a solo project and having been in charge of designing the t-shirts, of the photographs, of web design, etc. It has allowed me to control everything and do it the way I wanted from the beginning., further develop creativity and sharpen ingenuity.
– very affordable prices, ¿democratizing design?
I think that not because it is designer and limited edition it must be exaggeratedly expensive. In addition, with these times, it is not a matter of asking for a million for a tee, lol. My t-shirts are no more expensive than the ones you can find in a normal store, but with the plus that they are exclusive and limited edition illustrations, that you can only find on my website



– talking about other topics, you who are also a blogger. ¿How do you see all this fashion blogs?
I love social networks, and trend blogs what else. I like when someone discovers something new that fascinates them and decides to share it with the world, whether in a matter of moda, of photography, of art, Music, de cine, etc. In fact, on my blog I show all these things that attract the attention of the world. Fashion has always interested me, But I have to admit that I am not an expert.. I am very attracted to designers like David Delfin, or Anna Sui, people who dare to do original things. I also drool every time new Miu Miu stuff comes out…hehe
– a trick question, what have you always wanted me to ask you… And what is the answer!
Jajaja, Well, I do not know… ¿You want me to pay you for a trip around the world? And my answer is YES, PLEASE. Eggs. No, I'm kidding… Well, I would like you to ask me if there is something else that makes me happy besides drawing.. And I would answer yes, I love writing and it gives me peace.
– ¿What would Ester wear to a gala dinner??
If I was rich I would surely wear something from Valentino, because I love it… But since it is not the case, I'd probably wear a vintage style dress 50, It seems to me a time when everyone was super elegant, women wore the most wonderful dresses in the world… ¡¡Luckily they're back!!

Images provided by Sin_hache_intercalada.