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This blog is proud to show you the work of new artists and this time I want to show the Hominem Verum collection by Sergi Melkumyan

This young designer contacted me to show me the collection and dissemination to give their creations. So I am using this speaker I would like Sergi present work Melkumyan, besides a lot to like, I think it has a strong contemporaneity can be surprising without being exorbitant (Although the skirts still cost us see). You can know more and get in touch with him Facebook: and web:

About the collection (words of the designer)

A real man, that created in the future, in tomorrow, based on eleven basic principles that are rooted in ethics and morals. Lives with these principles and believe in them. It is true that this "Verum hominem" is a great mix of cultures, pleasures, knowledge and images, since that first man perfect figure of classical Greece to the present ambiguity of the male image.

This collection is a big assumption about, this man, of that uncertain future would dress, what colors you would like and what kind of materials are decantaría. Inspired by his biggest idols and ideas will follow different paths to complete your own image. It is impossible to predict the limits of his will, impossible to know where to go. In summary sand you could say that seeks above all universality, adaptation and acceptance. Based on the true man he has a variant perception of sensitivity and appreciation for all that is interesting designed a collection with a clear line but varied influences and heterogeneous.

If you are creators moda, complementos, etc and want to teach and show your work can contact me by clicking here.