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The back is a part of our body that can uncover centimeters and centimeters of bare skin, tangible and provocative, besides being a trend.


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These types of necklines give a lot of play when it comes to wearing them and are so versatile that they give good results at any event and time of day., therefore, to give it a more personal and chic touch, you can opt for hanging pendants on the back and for wearing the pelo picked up, that enhances the figure even more. In fact I would dare to say that the neckline on the back is the most daring and at the same time the most elegant.

Women who do not have much chest find them ideal, since most do not see the need to use bras.

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There are many celebrities who have opted for this trend, even Miley Cyrus who has given so much to talk about lately for being immodest, chose at the benefit gala of the “Elton John AIDS Foundation” for a very pretty back with a touch of rhinestones.

For me being sexy is something innate, it's more about attitude, the secret of seducing with a garment or without it, resides in promoting a certain “mystery” around us and play a little ambiguity.

It is the new must on the catwalks too. Designers ally themselves with trends and play with the language of moda to uncover the sexiest backs, helping with gestures, the looks or just pulling on some flawless red lips.

¿Backless or dizzying neckline? You decide which hand to wear the elegance.