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These are typical questions about the LGTB Pride + And not to remain silent in response!

You know that from this blog always advocates stylistic freedom, emocional, And sexual politics course! Why during June intensely support the LGTB Pride + that extends throughout the world. I think it is essential to continue raising awareness and so I wanted answer six questions you always plan around Pride celebrations.

Proud of what?

Rae defines pride as "Feeling of satisfaction with the achievements, own abilities or merits or something what a person feels concerned«. I do not understand why that word always has generated so much controversy! No, I'm not proud of what I feel, or someone wanting to sleep with the same sex, how I would feel not prefer chocolate ice cream lemon. What I'm proud of it is to fight every day for these achievements and continue by confronting people who want us to believe that we are "diferentes» (in the meaning of the term derogatory).

I can not be proud to be straight?

Sin duda, We struggled all day to accept - work on self-esteem is an intrinsic human beings struggle – but the LGBT + community must, además, break prejudices, fears, rejection and injustice simply by being themselves. I am proud to say "we are here”, and fighting for those barriers that we increasingly are smaller. Y por supuesto, Be proud of being straight or gay, High or low, strong or weak, malafollá or sense of humor. We should all be proud of ourselves, Without more! But in any case no one makes us feel that we are less than others!

Why the big deal if you already have many rights?

When you stop calling a fag football referee, when you stop calling camionera girls playing soccer, when you do not throw home or work to love someone of the same sex, when people accept and understand that the genitals may not correspond with how we define ourselves mentally, when no matter what your sexual orientation to rent an apartment, or not you stick a beating to go hand in hand with your partner through the center of the city… (And this without going into countries where homosexuality is punishable by death)... perhaps the LGTB Pride + is exceeded. Meanwhile, Taking to the streets! Let us shout! ¡Bailemos! Besémonos public! Let us debate with our environment to make us understand! Down with many prejudices! We are here and we are alive, Let everyone see!

But if you're okay, Why do you state? (a.k.a but if you are not you note)

I'm fine, claro, from this, my pulpit, where I have people who love me accepts and supports. Pero, And the rest of the world? I am one of those who recycle, of consuming moda aware, but do not drive there I do not like traffic, I am not a woman but I fight for their rights ... I manifest and made visible because I'm proud of trying to pave the way for who will come, as I thank those who paved for me. And I do like to have pen, which are machotes, young boys, greater, men or women. I fight for what I believe, not only because of what I suffer.

Pride Parade does not represent me ...

Celebrate what we want ourselves and the community accomplishments achieved is not a matter of joy? I do not like the beach, and I'm not going, I do not like the sand and sun, but not "disown it" or think that fans of the same reason I have less. Why throw stones on something that helps a collective? Do your tastes or preferences are better, more valid or more important than those of others? Is not that what we are fighting these days? Y por cierto, Pride LGTB + is not a parade, It is a manifestation! It is not mandatory to go. everyone should do what you like and be true to your conscience. But remember that if those people "that does not represent you" had not made visible and fought for the community now probably would be in the closet or worse, enclosed by vague or maleante.

And the rest of the year you are not proud?

When I hear this question I think that the spear is assholes. You want only your mother the first Sunday in May? Does your partner the 14 February? Or just when you're footballing world celebrates? LGTB Pride shares are held in June + because "Stonewall riots" which were a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations against a police raid that took place at dawn are remembered 28 de junio de 1969 in the pub known as Stonewall Inn (Nueva York). As stated by Wikipedia "These disturbances often cited as the first time, in US history, that the LGBT community fought against a system that persecuted homosexuals with government blessing, and they are generally recognized as the catalyst for the modern LGBT rights movement worldwide”.