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Springfield's new fragrance called "LIKE" is inspired by social networks to propose an essence for him and her.

Social networks have become one of the essential places where we find and we dump what we like .... Bajo el clame “What do you like”? Springfield's new fragrance is inspired by special moments that fill us with happiness and that we share with all positivity cargándonos; enjoying and appreciating the most fun and spontaneous moments of every day.

Springfield Like

For him and her

For women who leave their mark, they say things as they are and they know very well what they want and what they like, a fragrance for every day that comes to remind us that the best, It is yet to come. LIKE FOR HER It is vibrant and feminine, this fragrance becomes a declaration of intent by the spontaneous spirit that brings the yuzu, which combines perfectly with the femininity of the gardenia to leave a final mark velvet through the notes of cedar.

Springifield like

Men make the best of every situation, making every moment count. For having the courage to be free, it is an attitude towards life, y LIKE FOR HIM de Springfield, It is part of this attitude. na masculine fragrance that shines from the freshness of citrus notes to end the serenity of the woods on the skin. For men who enjoy each day, appreciating those moments that make them different.

Competition: What do you like?

"A trip con amigos, Brand the last look, un picnic improvisado, a surprise party, watch the sunrise ... WHAT DO YOU LIKE?”

These are some of the ideas proposed Springfield to inspire us towards their new contest where you can enter the draw 3,000 €. The company wants to know what we like, and invites us, con LIKE, to share those special moments through the contest #LikeYouAndMe . Participar es muy sencillo, sólo hay que get on Facebook o Instagram, before the 30 de octubre, a photo with the hashtag #LikeYouAndMe and sticker LIKE you can find in your app! I have already participated!

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Info: The LIKE stickers can be downloaded from the App Springfield LIKE, available for Apple and Android or, If you prefer, Make your mark with the stickers that you can find in any store in Springfield.