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El sujetador “Breast Tissue Screening Bracuenta con tecnología que predice el cáncer antes de que crezca.

You already know that breast cancer has been a disease that I have lived very closely (as we explain in the section "Pretty with cancer"), and repeatedly, that's why when I read news like this, I can only congratulate myself and spread it, for what ideas continue to be researched and supported to prevent and greatly improve the experience and detection of this disease.

El “Breast Tissue Screening Bra” de First Warning System, has intelligent monitoring technology for early detection of breast cancer. The chest fabric of this sporty bra, contains sensors that monitor temperature changes in cells that indicate the growth of new blood vessels. The results are collected in a software evaluated by professionals. The following video better explains how it works:

Not yet marketed, pero the prototype has resulted in an accuracy superior to the 90% on detection (methods such as mammograms detect only the 70% because they require the cancer to have grown large enough).

As indicated, can be able to detect the presence of cancer about six years earlier than traditional screening methods.

It seems to me sincerely incredible that it can be foreseen so much in advance and great news to attack him and beat it as soon as possible.

We all know that early detection of the tumor increases the chances of rapid cure. We can do nothing with those who have already had it, pero Yes we can fight so that future generations can prevent it or solve it as soon as possible.

Fuente: Springwise