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Travel to Svalbard, one of the most impressive tourist destinations to see in Norway, It is made for adventurous spirits.

This archipelago, Svalbard, placed on a 800 kilometers from mainland Norway, in the middle of the arctic circle, very close to the North Pole, It is a wild and untamed region with some majestic and dazzling landscapes of snow and ice.

In Svalbard you can see impressive glaciers, imposing mountains from whose summits there are unique panoramic views and norwegian fjords surrounded by steep cliffs that transmit an almost mystical serenity.

The fauna of Svalbard is another of the great attractions of this archipelago, with species as emblematic as the polar bears, arctic foxes, reindeer and numerous species of birds. Observing how these magnificent animals develop in their natural habitat is one of the emotions that you will not be able to forget in your entire life.

Traveling to Norway is always an adventure, But choosing this group of Arctic islands as a destination goes even further.. It is about living experiences that are almost impossible to find in the rest of the world.. Below we are going to show you some of the most attractive activities that you can do in Svalbard, the most adventurous bet of the trips to norway

Activities in Svalbard

That the Svalbard archipelago is a wild and virgin place does not mean that it does not offer a wide range of attractive activities for the thousands of adventurers who come to this remote territory every year.: trekking, snowmobiles, winter sports, wildlife sighting, contemplation of northern lights… 

Travel to Svalbard will not leave you even a moment for boredom, always in perfect communion with the wonderful nature of the islands. Let's see some of the fun that awaits you in the archipelago.

Explore the trails of the Svalbard archipelago

Hiking through Svalbard is not exactly a Sunday walk. You have to be very aware of the weather reports and always have a professional guide. Summer is the best time for these walks (in winter they are totally impossible). 

Despite having a population of just over 2.000 population, the town of Longyearbyen, located on the island of Spitsbergen, It is the largest in the archipelago. In its mountainous surroundings you can enjoy some impressive hiking routes, even with the possibility of admiring some ice caves.

Among the most popular routes in Longyearbyen, the Reindalen Route, that will take you through beautiful mountains, valleys and glaciers. It is necessary that you follow all safety recommendations because it is not uncommon to see polar bears, an iconic species of the Arctic Circle that can be very aggressive (If you go with a professional guide you won't have any problems). 

Also in the area around Longyearbyen is the Alkehornet Route, with magnificent views of the sea and mountains (and where you can see numerous species of birds) and the Adventdalen Valley route.

Also noteworthy is the Ruta del Fiordo Billefjorden, where you will also have the opportunity to visit the Pyramiden coal mine, abandoned since year 1998.

Snowmobile rides

Snowmobiles are the main means of transportation in Svalbard, since traditional cars can barely withstand the weather conditions of the area. These vehicles can easily reach 60 km/h, but it is important to carry Appropriate clothing to combat low temperatures and icy breezes (en general, Even in summer you have to wear winter clothes in the archipelago).

The main starting point for these excursions is Longyearbyen, where you can find various companies that offer exciting tours guided by their surroundings. Other very attractive places to travel on snowmobiles are the Tempelfjorden and Billefjorden fjords.

Dog sled excursions

Few images are as emblematic of the Arctic Circle as dog sleds. This means of transportation that Jack London immortalized in his adventure novel White Fang

The dogs that guide these sleds are usually Siberian huskies, an energetic and very strong dog breed that will take you through some of the best places on the island.

You should not worry about the health of the dogs. A Svalbard, as in all of Norway, Very strict regulations are followed regarding the health and welfare of animals. You will be able to see that dogs radiate happiness.

Ski and snowboard

Like is logic, Winter sports are among the main activities in the Svalbard archipelago. Although there are no ski slopes in use (the topography of the place is not appropriate), yes it is possible to practice snowboarding and skiing in the islands.

There are two styles of skiing that you will have the opportunity to practice in the archipelago: el cross-country or mountain skiing and Nordic or cross-country skiing. Some good areas to practice winter sports are Adventalen and Sassesdalen valleys

Boat routes

A very popular activity during the summer (In winter the ice prevents its realization) are boat and kayak excursions through the waters of Svalbard, one of the most idyllic ways to admire the natural environment of the islands, its fjords, its glaciers and its impressive fauna: BONE, foxes, reindeer, musk oxen, morse, seals, whales or birds as striking as puffins and arctic terns.

Among the most popular boat routes, those that travel through its fjords stand out (The Icefjord, Billefjorden and Tempelfjorden), Hinlopen Passage, a strait located between Nordaustlandet and Spitsbergen, y la Isla de Moffen, a protected landscape for seal conservation, animals that can be seen from the boat.

Photo by CHRISTIAN PFEIFER on Pexels.com

Cultural visits in the Svalbard archipelago

Traveling to Svalbard is not only an encounter with the wildest side of Norwegian nature, It also offers you the opportunity to make some very attractive cultural visits.

Por ejemplo, Svalbard has a very sweet side, el Café Fruene, a cafe specializing in chocolates that not only serve delicious cups of hot chocolate and various baked goods, but they also manufacture their own products, what they turn into the northernmost chocolate factory in the world. It is located in the island capital, Longyearbyen, and it is an unavoidable stop during your visit to Svalbard.

Another place of great interest is Isfjord Radio Station, located south of the Isfjorden fjord. Fully automated today, transmits the radio signal of all the islands. It is also a weather station and has its own hotel, which is accessed by boat during the summer and by snowmobile during the winter

Other places of interest that you can visit during your stay in Svalbard are the World Seed Bank (only the outside, since it is not possible to access the interior), el Museum of Svalbard, that offers you a fascinating insight into culture, the history, the fauna and geology of the region, la Svalbard Art Gallery, with exhibitions of local and international artists and with a store where you can purchase different works of art, y la Iglesia de Svalbard o Svalbard Church, a wooden Christian temple built in 1958 where different cultural events are celebrated.

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