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Christian Louboutin designer admits that he sympathizes with the pain of women wearing their shoes.

We accept  he "High heels are pleasure with pain!”?

Long time, more than a month, maemía how fast the days pass,  I trasladaros and reflect on an interesting article I read in Elle UK signed by Julia Neel. In short, Article, entitled "No pain, no gain”, notes that the famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin admits "no sympathy"For the pain that women feel wearing their high heels. This article comes from the statements that the designer makes the same journalist in revista Grace.

In short, Louboutin is to say that if it hurts, fuck you... and he puts as an excuse: “And Tina Turner  can be  on stage with them for three hours, You can not tell me it's impossible to walk with them”. According to the saying - that often gets imbue in a constrained reality not always reasonable and desirable social conventions - says "To look there to suffer”, and in this case can not be truer.


And in this situation I hit a series of mixed feelings within my, by part seems an easy position, frivolously and brazen through which forgets "take care" Y "assess"The woman who feeds him ... but then I think a logical answer, ideal and foremost "liberal”. Apostille if you are not able to wear those heels just do not take, but when you put the need to be aware and accept what he calls pleasure with pain.

I think one of the fundamental basis of the use of high heels is arriving spending offset by benefits such pain both postural and aesthetic (more height, leg lengthening, positioning the back, rise ... the bum.) as psychological (security, certain superiority, accents of leaderships, sensuality…) that they bring to their carrier. And that is why many women are able to hold cars and carts.


Personally I recognize that a woman with a good heel, If you know carry them safely, with panache and is "edmoda" with them, It is the best goddess who can find full of confidence. And although I do not take, I think a little bit of pain could offset. ¿no? Sin embargo, if it's just the reverse can be your worst stigma, a duckling ungainly and face pain…  In the latter case you should fuck is Mr. Christian Louboutin. Y punto.

Winter Lookbook 2011 de Christian Louboutin. Fotos Peter Lippmann.

But do I have to ask you! Does it outweigh the pain? To look must suffer? Do you spend eating shit like this dauber and you will buy shares of Pretty Ballerinas `raitnau'?

And I leave you with musiquilla, Jenni amazing with their Louboutins ... (I love the brilli)