Supermodel of 90

TEST: What supermodel of 90 you are? 🙋🏻

All / as we supermodel of 90 dentro, Which is yours? Find out in this test! Linda, Naomi, Cindy, Helena, Claudia… All these names (and some more) have become part of fashion and have inspired the world since the 90. They left a golden age in the world of fashion. Supermodels became true icons……

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The Pop Kids
Estilo Diario

Estilo diario: The Pop Kids 😏

Fashion changes, style remains ... but the 90 always win! And called 'The Pop Kids’ we continue giving everything. The title of this post refers to the song 'The Pop Kids’ de Pet Shop Boys, One of my favorite songs. He had it in mind when thinking about this look. I love realize that in fashion,…

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