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Fashion Uncover: Holas Beachwear

HOLAS Beachwear, the evolution of swimwear for men. The year 2008, and a trip of friends in summer, He sowed the seed of HOLAS Beachwear. Sin embargo, it was not until the year 2013, when the idea began to take force, resulting in the first collection of signature bath, that summer saw the light…

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«How-now», maintaining the status to blow balaclava

Can, only, interest in maintaining social status, bring these women to cover their face on the beach? ¡Pues si! The «Cara-kini» arrives In China it is frowned upon to wear tanned skin. In the wake of the fifteenth century, when you wear a dark skin tone was synonymous with work in the field, this rancid is still in style…

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Hipanema immersed in his first swimwear collection

If Hipanema bracelets are a classic summer, Where would the sun and sea without a good bikini? Collection of bath comes Hipanema. Colorful, sexy and with ethnic touches sweeping this summer, Hipanema presents its first collection of bathroom, an irresistible combination of color and originality which will become the most desired in…

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