Put on handsome with Beckham! Reaches its brand men's care: HOUSE 99 👨🏻

Footballer David Beckham, as well as becoming ambassador thousand fashion brands and cosmetics, It has decided to launch his own line of men's grooming! Here I tell a little more about HOUSE 99. HOUSE 99 born with the idea of ​​offering a comprehensive experience of personal care men, fusionando la cultura de las barberías británicas y su estilo con la creatividad cubriendo cuidados para el cabello, la…

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Movember: Show off mustache (and beard) for a good cause 👨🏻

Through the power of the mustache (and beard), the Movember movement seeks to raise awareness and funds for men's health. I tell you what's going on and some actions that different brands have done this year to support. You know that this blog I love talking about beards and mustaches (although the latter appear less) that's how it is! Y más aún cuando el pelo facial masculino sirve

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Experiencia Gafas Amarillas: NY Shaving Company en Seagram ́s New York Hotel at Only YOU

My beard has moved to his favorite place in New York: NY Shaving Company at Seagram ́s New York Hotel at Only YOU The Seagram ́s New York Hotel at Only YOU continues to surprise with the best of the Big Apple. Every month it renews its New York offer, bringing authentic gastronomy ambassadors to Madrid, música, estilo y carácter de la ciudad que nunca duerme. En enero, podremos disfrutar de un

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5 men's grooming tips

In this video I will tell 5 tips for male care more comfortable and to get a point at home in no time. You know I love giving me advice - some that I meet best and others who do not follow the letter but I try to help. En este caso, Carrefour and Babyliss have wanted to count on me - and they call me "Our expert in men's beauty and grooming" and everything, que…

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Review: Cortapelos Close Cut de Whal

Tradition and quality razors and hair clippers Wahl Wahl Since - with its founder J. Election – invented the first electromagnetic hair clipper in 1919, It has rained a lot and the innovations in this company have been constant, specializing in the production of machines that allow for an increasingly precise shaving., professional, complete and comfortable. Ahora esta firma internacional llega a España con el fin de ofrecer

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Experiencia Gafas Amarillas: DUO Peluqueros

A complete session of male beauty and relaxation at DUO Hairdressers in the center of Granada Last week I was able to enjoy a most comforting experience in an emblematic beauty center in Granada. The friends of DUO Peluqueros invited me to discover their space and services and I was able to enjoy a massage, by cutting, Under beard, manicure and eyebrows – Take that!- que me

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Review: PCMAN de Profesional Cosmetics

Pcman specific products for the care of the hair and beard of the urban man today. The products stand out Pcman be formulated with natural ingredients and high quality active ingredients that care for and protect the cabello.Según Professional Cosmetics, its creators, “El cabello del hombre requiere de unos cuidados especiales ya que tiene mayor tendencia a la producción de grasa y caspa” y por eso se crea

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