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Review: Springfield Like

What smelling social networks? Like Springfield fragrances are inspired by them and I talk a few weeks of the new colonies makes Springfield proposes this season. Inspired by social networks and "what we like", certainly they try a super gift for Christmas (youthful attitude and good price what else we?) Por…

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Springfield LIKE… What's that smell what we like?

Springfield's new fragrance called "LIKE" is inspired by social networks to propose an essence for him and her. Social networks have become one of the essential places where we find and we dump what we like .... Bajo el clame “What do you like”? Springfield's new fragrance is inspired by special moments that we…

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Belleza, Moda Masculina

Let me smells good ad for Dior Homme Robert Pattinson!

It's here. After many months waiting for #DiorRob, yesterday announced the new Dior Homme Colony starring Robert Pattinson premiered. Controversy, discussions, hopes and desires… all communication elicited by the Dior signature that would be the protagonist of twilight the new face of Dior Homme perfume. Seems that the…

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Belleza, Moda Masculina

«Gentlemen Only», Givenchy cares for gentlemen 2.0

Si, still they exist and have to take care. Givenchy, as development of its new perfume campaign, It has developed a Facebook application for those who know how to smell, acts or a true gentleman today relates. Givenchy very strong commitment to respect the essence Knight, but are not stale or outdated, if not adapted to…

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Inescapable: The joint that was smoked in Chanel Brad Pitt

The new and long-awaited announcement of Chanel No. 5 with Brad Pitt is throwing the "smoke" in the face. Inescapable? Tras aparecer una «segunda parte» – read below the blog post editing – este se convierte en el «teaser» más controvertido de la moda A nivel de “teaser” se ha tratado de un verdadero “campañón”, given intrigue and…

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The meat sells And who purchase?

It is well known that meat sold, Diesel and promulgates this ideology since time immemorial but to whom it is addressed? Recently it presented an image of the new line of Diesel Fuel for Life, la Denim Collection, where you see a despelotado Marlon Teixeira photographed by Terry Richardson. The campaign can not be sexual, sobre

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Innovative fragrances: Memories of the smell of Vienna ...

I will always remember what a walk in Berlin smells like, Paris, Lóndres o NY…. Always? Now with a perfume you can remember the essence of some cities. Esos maravillosos recuerdos de los viajes – que pueden ser una alegría o una pesadez según la persona y el viaje – ahora se complementan con nuevas opciones para recordar lo vivido. No era suficiente con

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