Tips for Surviving the VFNO
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6 tips for (survive) the VFNO 🎖

Fui, saw and conquered, And now I give you some tips for the Vogue Fashion Night Out will not hurt! A must-attend event in the calendar fashionista; la gran noche de la moda, fashion invades the streets; fashion night for the people; (I do not remember more corny but you can enter here your favorite phrase VFNO). Pero, chic@s, I have to tell you something: Lo llames

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Belleza Masculina
Belleza, Moda Masculina

5 male beauty tips 👨🏻

5 male beauty tips that all men have to keep in mind to improve our routine a little care. Primero que todo, My hair is real, I have to admit I'm not an expert on male beauty, but I like to disclose things related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle I learn – or I go chivando. Y he visto necesario realizar este articulo para seguir visibilizando la

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5 Tips to be free in bed

Above, abajo; alone or accompanied; white or black; surrounded by books or a simple mobile… always choose to be free in bed. The hours spent in bed , either sleeping or enjoying your comfort, They are fundamental. The most important thing is that we enjoy this "essential piece of furniture" and that we decide to be free in bed. The preguntaréis: ¿Free in bed?, well yes, there are…

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5 tips for ironing more gustito

Consejos para planchar bien puede haber muchos pero ¿Cuántos hay para planchar a gustito? ¡En este caso te doy cinco! Hoy vuelvo con un post de consejos de esos de “consejos vendo que para mí no tengo”. (Que últimamente se están convirtiendo en unos imprescindibles en este blog). No me vanaglorio de ello pero creo que soy una de las personas que menos ha planchado en su vida. Por ese

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wardrobe change

5 saving tips on changing cabinet

The change of wardrobe of each season can come in luxury to give a new life to our clothes, and by the way, save money. With this weird time we're having, although spring has formally arrived, time is still giving some surprise. Although it is true that we have already started to move the clothes to take out the summer clothes and forget about the winter ones.. Ese

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against oily skin

5 against oily skin tips

Cheats, tips and ideas against oily skin from a blogger who has suffered a lifetime shine Stop please! It is one of the most important part - and largest - of our body, so you have to take care with special attention. I'm talking about skin. It is true that dry skin has fewer problems and easier solution (con una buena crema

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IKEA bedroom

IKEA bedroom with views

Because if a bedroom is well ordered, more fancy look into it outside the window. We all want to have an IKEA bedroom. “No hay nada mejor que una casa para amueblarte la cabeza”, este clame utilizado por IKEA me parece excepcional, but matizaría to realize that the order of it can help us further. Porque hay que reconocer que no hay nada más frustrante que querer encontrar algo en un espacio

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