Cutty Sark


Experiencia Gafas Amarillas: #Cuttybandistas 2015

How to summarize in a post all sensations and feelings of 5 days in Ibiza with amazing people and live unique experiences? I'll try! You know that I'm linked to long Cutty Shark, whiskey brand that highlights has kept me alive. ¡No! I don't speak for the "intense nights", but because with them I could…

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Yellow Party, un cóctel para #cuttybandistas

Un cóctel al más puro estilo años 20, donde se unen elementos insospechados para conseguir un sabor contemporáneo. ¡Esto empieza Yellow pero seguro que acaba en Party! En este nuevo reto de Cutty Sark (ya sabéis que estoy a ver si me voy de vacaciones con ellos) , teníamos que hacer un cóctel inspirado en los años 20 pero…

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Ruta clandestina por el Mediterráneo #cuttybandistas

En este diario de abordo acompaño a William McCoy a través de una interesante, enigmatic and exciting clandestine route to discover the best places in the Spanish Mediterranean. #cuttybandistas In this journey through the Spanish Mediterranean I showed William McCoy that everything has a place in our land. Lamentablemente, and due to the clandestine character, discreet and above all enigmatic of our…

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Prohibition, Temperance to binge. #CuttyNYC

The story of Prohibition surprising curiosities, characters and stories that even the best story could invent. "Virtue is an acquired voluntary provision, which it is a compromise between two bad ends, one by excess and the other by default » – Aristotle. It seems that no one in the United States paid attention to Aristotle anymore.…

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