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The Chrysler was born in the Alhambra in Granada

A legend of the year 20 that the art deco landmark building in New York could have been designed within the Alhambra! I wanted to leave for the end of this journey with #CuttyNYC a story that particularly struck a chord when I met her. When I discussed this challenge with a friend that could take me to New York and…

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The selfie were invented in 1920 #CuttyNYC

Some photographs of 1920 taken in New York could be the first selfie ever. The magnificent years 20 (Dry law, wildness, jazz…) He did not bring only tricks to be able to offer calm, if not that time is loaded with technological innovations arising from social advance, social improvement and the search for new ways of expression. The photograph, que…

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Prohibition, Temperance to binge. #CuttyNYC

The story of Prohibition surprising curiosities, characters and stories that even the best story could invent. "Virtue is an acquired voluntary provision, which it is a compromise between two bad ends, one by excess and the other by default » – Aristotle. It seems that no one in the United States paid attention to Aristotle anymore.…

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