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Destination of the Month: Roma

Sensuality, tradition, Myths and Mediterranean culture come together in Rome, available not only on holidays. The honored tradition, family values ​​and charming places make Rome one of the most interesting European capitals and with the most sensations to live. This Mediterranean spirit drink its streets and people makes you feel a desirable environment….

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¿Cómo se pronuncian las marcas de moda? #Comofala #HowToPronounce

La pronunciación de las marcas de moda siempre ha sido un tema difícil en países hispanohablantes. Right? Aquí te enseño unas cuantas. El tema de las pronunciación es SIEMPRE un problemón (Puntocom, como diría Josie)… que si suenas cateto diciéndolo mal, que si suenas raro diciéndolo exactamente como es, o incluso pretencioso según en qué ámbitos, and most of…

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5 gafas de sol para molar en invierno

Hagas lo que hagas… ponte gafas de sol ¡En invierno también son imprescindibles! You should know that sunglasses not only serve for sun protection. Son una seña de identidad, una muestra de estilo y sobre todo – y para lo que más las uso yo – a little protection against this world around us. ¡Y…

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Yes men with crown

A new addition comes into our heads hand man Dolce & Gabanna God save men with crown! Dolce & Gabbana puts the spotlight, through its collection inspired by the Middle Ages, a supplement that until now was relegated only for royalty and the occasional birthday Burger King. Y…

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Portada: Latex gloves and pasta necklaces for spring

Playing Fashion March Cover Welcomes Spring With Latex Gloves And Macaroni Necklace! An eclectic cover, undoubtedly, where we can see Codie Young taking the attention not only for the peculiar makeup (that reduces to the minimum essence your eyebrows) or with a hairstyle worthy of Helena Boham Carter…

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Me enjanta: Cowboy shirt Dolce & Gabanna

A good cowboy shirt should not be missing in any wardrobe that is eclectic! I'm looking for mine ... I don't know what season it is, I don't remember where I saw it or why I didn't buy it, I'm not 100% sure it's dolce & Gabanna (I saved it with that name in my files)… I only know that I love her…

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Me enjanta: Dolce baroque socks & Gabbana

Details like these are what give true value and difference to a style, I would wear these baroque socks from Dolce without hesitation & Gabbana for next winter 2012 Yes he is giving of himself for me the Dolce man parade & Gabbana from last week in Milan! Could it be that "baroque luxury" loaded with references…

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