Libro: Locos, rich and Asian (Kevin Kwan) 👘

If "the rich also cry", This novel tells how, if they are also mad and they are Asians, It can be carried around the end. "Hilarious, addictive and full of opulence, This novel is a candid look and pretty crazy to the world of Asian superrich ". Defines the publishing the book that make me get: "Locos, rich and Asian "Kevin Kwan. Newly…

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Libro: Karl Secrets (Tiffany Cooper) 🐱

In the book The Secrets of Karl discovered a hidden side, and very funny, the most iconic designer XXI century drawings by Tiffany Cooper. A biography is always interesting, If we add that deals with one of the most enigmatic men in the world of fashion and it is told with some funny drawings…

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