Portada: Prince William in Attitude

The cover of Prince William in Attitude is a small step for the Duke of Cambridge, but a big step to standardize and evaluate the LGBT community. We are in a tumultuous days when irrational behavior are mixed, with totally unsympathetic philosophies and thoughts that do not help anything to a group that has just been heavily beaten. Sabéis que…

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Literary Recommendation: "ANDREW" Joseph Confused

A medio camino entre el relato y la novela corta, “Andrés” es la primera incursión en la publicación electrónica de José Confuso, autor del blog “El Hombre Confuso”. “Andrés” es el primer relato incluido en la colección “Pequeños cuentos confusos”. Una historia de amor, sexo y redes sociales que transcurre en tres habitaciones, en una nueva ciudad y con muchos

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¿Morality? I call it homophobia and savagery

CAÓTICO MANHATTAN. RUBÉN MORÍN.HTTP://Russia has approved CAOTICORUBEN.BLOGSPOT.COM.ES/BAJO_MANHATTAN, by absolute majority, a law banning homosexual propaganda, and which claims to be the new moral reserve in Europe. What they call morality, I call it homophobia and savagery. The funny thing is that from the European Union itself ask Russia to put aside this absurd law and…

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